1. Gear4DJs launches new name Gearooz

    Drum roll please... Gear4DJs is in its fifth successful year of trading and to celebrate they will be transforming and changing their name to Gearooz.

    Gearooz will be aimed at everyone in the music world, offering a wide range of products suitable to anyone with musical interest. Gearooz will continue to sell Gear4DJs DJ equipment, sound, lighting, PA and mixers. However, they will now be breaking into new markets with Drum Kits, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Percussion Instruments. This is an exciting time for the Gear4DJs team that will see the development of some unique areas tailored to the new name.

    Gear4DJs has strong foundations in the mobile DJ market and has successfully built relationships with their customers and suppliers over the last 5 years. Gear4DJs show no sign of stopping or slowing down and natural progression has led them to expand into all areas o

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  2. The Countdown Has Officially Begun

    The countdown has officially begun.

    As of 8th March something new and exciting is going to happen that will mark a big milestone in our Gear4DJs history.

    The special day, 8th March, will play host to something that will mark the expansion of Gear4DJs and our growth and development as an online retailer. This day will mark our expanding product ranges and services that Gear4DJs has worked hard to achieve over the past 5 years.

    To keep up-to-date and on top of the build up to the big day, follow us on our social media platforms listed below.

    Gear4DJs Social Media:

    Facebook :
    Twitter :
    Instgram :
    Google+ :

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  3. Gear4DJs PA Showroom Demos

    Our PA selection and designated showroom space is a very important part of our showroom.

    The point of PA speaker demonstrations is to provide customers with product comparisons, enabling them to purchase a product based on what they heard and not just what they saw.

    On a typical day when a customer comes in to the showroom enquiring about PA there is generally a specific brand they are interested in. One of our showroom team members will then ask for some general information about what they would like the speaker to achieve, such as the type of music being played and the range at which they require the sound to travel to. With this information we can then play various songs and styles showing the range and capability of each speaker, tailoring the PA Demo to the customers needs.

    The next key part in this process is the blind test which is next to take place. The blind test enables customers to travel round the showroom and with their backs to the spe

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  4. Gear4DJs Now Selling LED Illuminated Furniture

    As of this week Gear4DJs have become the first online DJ company to sell LED illuminated furniture. The product range, which is now available to order online, will feature alphabet letters, chairs, barstools, drinks bars, tables and much more.

    Our illuminated furniture range is rechargeable, durable, weather resistant and will come in a selection of  colours, making this ideal nightclub furniture, for use inside and out. The furniture has been designed to suit any style of event.

    Illuminated furniture can be primarily found in nightclubs and will provide stunning visuals for hours. A huge benefit to these LED furniture pieces is they do not require cables.

    To shop our new illuminated furniture range please visit:

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  5. WOW! LiteConsole Package

    This weekend we have taken our packages to another level with arrival of the LiteConsole XPRS DJ Booth Pro Moving Head Plinth ZLX-15P Stereo Speaker Package.

    This new package features:
    One XPRS Aluminium Foldable DJ Booth
    Two Electro-Voice ZLX-15P 15” Speakers
    One Stagg SPSQ10 High Quality Speaker Stand Bag Kit
    Two ADJ Inno Spot Pro Moving Heads
    Two Trusst Glo Totems with Scrim

    This package was created for the mobile DJ, designed to meet all their sound and lighting requirements. The package includes a LiteConsole DJ booth, which is the perfect piece of equipment to house your controller and laptop.

    Everything included in this WOW! Category package will fold down flat, excluding the speakers, and will therefore fit into car boots, making this the perfect mobile DJ package.

    The package is listed in the WOW! Category on our website and costs £3129.00

    To view the package in more detail

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  6. Moving Head Expo Evening Review

    Tuesday 2nd February Gear4DJs hosted a Moving Head Expo Evening at their Brighton Showroom.

    Gear4DJs Moving Head Expo was a great opportunity to showcase our wide range of Moving Heads from a selection of brands, all varying in price.

    The evening began with a short seminar from Alex and Luke, informing our guests on “how to get the most from their moving head”. In addition to this, speeches were given on hints and tips on placement, up selling of gobos, taking control of moving heads to create dynamic light shows and exclusive special price offers of the night.

    The floor was then opened up to questions and a breakaway, in which guests could ask about specific products and speak to our team members directly. This worked well and gave our guests the chance find out any product specifics they required.

    After the break out Matt was able to reunite everyone around the interactive area of the showroom to demonstrate the three types o

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  7. New In-store Display: The Gear4DJs Roadshow

    The Gear4DJs Brighton showroom has a new display!

    The concept behind our new in store display is to portray the full circle of production in DJ equipment.

    The display hopes to show our customers how items designed and made in yesteryear are still very much at the fore front of lighting products in the 21st century.

    The display hopes to evoke feelings of nostalgia to our customers through polaroids of previous roadshow setups and equipment. We also hope to display the current equivalent and show the modern day DJ where its equipment originated and evolved from.
    The display aims to display the contrast between current DJ equipment and its equivalent classic and traditional roadshow item.


    Items Featured In The Display:


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  8. Moving Head Expo

    The Gear4DJs team are hosting their first evening event of the year!

    Come along on Tuesday 2nd February to our showroom, located at the Shoreham Airport site, at 6.30pm.

    The evening will be a chance for our Gear4DJs customers to come and watch interactive moving head displays and demonstrations, in addition to seminars by our highly informative team members.

    Our Moving Head Expo event will be a great opportunity to take a look around our showroom at some of our other products.

    We hope to host a successul event which will enable customers to purchase and place orders on moving heads and gather information on any additional products.

    In order to secure your place at our event please register for free here

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