1. Enjoy our Christmas Sale! Up to 70% off!

    Head over to for our Christmas SALE! Enjoy discounted prices on selected items. We have a range of our favorite products on offer with up to 70% off! From speakers and DJ controllers to lighting and effects, we have everything any musician would need to start the New Year off with a bang!

    Whether you’re an experienced artist, looking to pursing music in 2019 or simply taking up a new hobby, you can find products of all skill levels for all kinds of musicians. If you have any queries or questions our team are available from the 27th to help you out, however please check out our opening times for more information. 

    Thank you again from the team for your support throughout 2018, we can’t wait to offer some new and exciting products in the New Year!


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  2. Merry Christmas from the Gearooz Team!

    It’s Christmas!

    The Gearooz team would love to say a huge thank you to our customers for their continued support! We always aim to give our customers the best service experience we can whilst providing high quality products and we hope that we have achieved that in 2018; we could not do any of it without you so please enjoy our Christmas Sale as a sign of our appreciation.

    We are excited to continue the journey with our loyal customers as well as new ones, and we hope to always deliver amazing products and experiences to you throughout 2019 and beyond.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  3. Gearooz Christmas and New Years Opening Hours

    Here are our opening hours over Christmas and the New Year!


    Saturday 22nd – Closed

    Christmas Eve – Closed

    Christmas Day – Closed

    Boxing Day – Closed

    Thursday 27th – 10am-6pm

    Friday 28th  – 10am-6pm

    Saturday 29th – Closed

     New Year’s

    New Year’s Eve – Closed

    New Year’s Day – Closed

    Wednesday 2nd – 10am-6pm

     If you have any questions or concerns over Christmas and New Years be sure to contact us within our opening hours and we will do our best to help. Our usual opening hours will return to normal on Wednesday 2nd and we are looking forward to seeing you in the New Year! 


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  4. Don't Miss our DAS Audio Event! Register Now for Free Entry

    We are excited to offer you free entry to our DAS Audio Event hosted by our team next month! Join us on Wednesday the 5th of December from 6pm where you can come along for a hands on demonstration with a range of fantastic DAS Audio products.

    Register through our website to ensure your place at the event; don’t miss out on a free interactive seminar “How to Get The Most out of Your Speakers” as well as a look into some of the best systems DAS Audio has to offer. You’ll be able to listen to a variety of different speakers, from PA to Line Array all of which will be available for you to purchase as well as a whole host of other amazing deals and discounts. 

    If you’re interested in attending our DAS Audio event please head over to for the registration form as well as a full list of perks and exclusive deals. You can also take a look at our

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  5. Evolution of Music Devices and Music Consumption Pt2

    The Walkman, created by Sony the first personal portable cassette player arrived in 1979. The invention of the Walkman only cemented the theory that music devices were becoming more portable and accessible as they continued to evolve. Although the cassette player or the ‘boombox’ introduced a more portable way of listening to music it was really the walkman that changed the way we were consuming our music. Not only could consumers take their walkman everywhere they went but with two headphone jacks it allowed people to listen with a friend. As sales of the Walkman continued to rocket with cassettes outselling the vinyl in 1983, other models were soon put on the market such as the Discman and the Mp3 player.

    The first CD came in the 1980’s, the most popular being ABBA’s The Visitors. Along with the CD the first CD player became available which was released in 1982. CD’s were huge and over 200 billion were sold worldwide which saw the decline of the cassette tape and cassette

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  6. Novopro Foldable DJ Booth!

    The SDX V2 foldable DJ booth has been expertly designed and engineered by working performers to be the most efficient and versatile entertainment booth available. With a durable, powder coated steel finish with solid welded construction points the booth can handle all kinds of environments, perfect for musicians on the go.

    The booth is adjustable in height due to its innovative design, meaning you can customize it to fully fit with your needs. This folding version allows you to set up the booth quick and easily, ideal for those who prefer a hassle free system. The package includes a pair of Novopro podium shelves along with two free zipped carry bags for safe transportation, making this unit suitable for mobile DJ’s.

    Compared to alternative options the adjustability of the booth makes it much more practical, the whole unit can be customized in width and side panel angles with the unique sliding shelf support system which maintains a stable platform. Two rugged, carpe

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  7. Novopro Lighting Effects, GoboSphere & UV Bar!

    The Novopro UV Bar gives classic UV black light effects, use to create stunning atmospherics at gigs and festivals or use it to add a unique twist to your festive parties. The UV Bar works amazingly with UV body paints and fluorescents which create incredible effects, perfect for large events.

    The UV Bar is lightweight and portable making it easy to transport, ideal for mobile DJs. The unit also includes adjustable brackets for easy positioning as well as a free carry bag for storage and travel.   

    The Novopro GoboSphere is a spectacular rotating LED sphere which delivers stunning beams of light as well as moving gobos. Create a range of different lighting effects using the variable speed rotation settings, multi colour beams and gobos as well as individual colour control.

    Ideal for all occasions the GoboSphere can

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  8. Novopro XL & XXL Height Adjustable Podium Stands!

    Gearooz are excited to be able to offer our customers a range of Novopro products, the first being the High Adjustable Podium Plinth Stands. The Novopro PS1XL which is also the winner of the Pro Mobile ‘new accessory of the year” award is a unique and innovate podium stand.

    With adjustable heights the XL is the perfect display for moving heads, lighting FX, speakers and monitors. The design of these stands make for effortless assembly, with no tools needed the set up is quick and easy.

    You can use these for a temporary or permanent set up; with maximum stability even at its top height of 1750mm/68.8 inches these stands are the perfect installment in anyone’s kit. Some of the key features included are two sets of scrims (black and white), unique spring loaded turn and lock catches, 35mm Ø pole mount speaker adaptor for the top plate as well as storage bags amongst so many other amazing features. Yo

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  9. Social Media Tips - Instagram (How to get more followers)

    Instagram is one of the most popular platforms available, making it one of the hardest ones to grow a substantial following on. Unlike Spotify Instagram targets every kind of consumer, you don’t have to be a music enthusiast to use Instagram because it also provides us with travel, fashion, art and sport, anything you can think of its on Instagram. This makes it tougher to stand out amongst the crowd, photos are better, content is richer, it’s much harder to be original on a platform that has done it all.

    With that being said it does not mean it’s impossible to build your own community on Instagram, it just takes passion and determination. Here are a few things that may help you grow your following on such a huge platform.

    Although your ideas may not be completely original (whose are these days), you are original. Tell your story; use your photos and captions as well as your Instastories to let audiences in on your journey in the music industry. The difference with I

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  10. HH Electronics Speakers - Review

    HH Electronics is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of power amplifiers and sound equipment. Designed for musicians by their own team of experts using their own research, HH electronics make some of the highest quality speakers on the market amongst other technically advanced products.

    HH electronics are renowned for their innovative design and production; they continue to focus on future of technology whilst keeping with their roots by continuing to engineer their products in the UK. Their newest range offers amazing performance and the highest quality at the best prices.

    The Tessen-X series delivers high power in a compact, professional system. Whether you’re a mobile DJ or you perform from home this series allows for complete flexibility and high quality sound.

    The Tessen-X 1501 has the same extensive features as the rest of the rang

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