1. Atmospherics and why we need them.

    The world of music and DJing is constantly growing and with the continued struggle to get noticed you need to make sure you stand out. Back in the day you could set up your gear on a fold out table and you’d be good to go but that may not be enough nowadays, DJs are expected to put on a show and get the crowd going and although your music may be top quality you still need to show to go with it.

    Most if not all DJs playing in the biggest clubs will be using some sort of atmospheric effects, these range from smoke and bubble machines to full on pyrotechnics. If you’re looking to take your performance to the next level but want to start of small try a smoke machine, the most commonly using atmospheric.

    Smoke machines are great to use with your light shows, the smoke catches the light perfectly and really enhances your lighting. You can use all sorts of lighting effects with your smoke machine such as lasers, moving heads and beams. Smoke machines are just as

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  2. Check out our brand new premium atmospheric fluids!

    Whether you’re a DJ, musician or any type of performer your likely to have used or own atmospherics. At Gearooz we offer a wide range of effects from bubble machines to fog machines however what you may not know is that we also have a brand new range of high quality fluid solutions specifically for your machine which ever that may be.

     We also offer these solutions in packages of up to eight bottles for those who need to power multiple machines for large venues. We have premium haze fluid along with smoke and low level smoke fluid as well as premium bubble liquid all of which come individually or in packages of four or eight.

     All of our fluids produce the best quality effects, our haze solution is evenly dispersed to enhance your lighting and lasers. Our bubbles last longer than your standard liquid and our smoke is clear, odourless and leaves no residue, perfect for adding atmosphere to any event.

     For more information head over to

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  3. What Is The Difference Between A Haze And A Smoke Machine?

    Smoke machines and haze machines have long been used mainly for the same purpose - to maximise lighting effects. Modern lighting effects rely on beams of light and patterns and lasers moving around, this effect is enhanced when the light hits haze or smoke particles making the effects more pronounced, visible and aesthetically pleasing.

    When deciding what machine you want to purchase it is important to think about what purpose you will be using the machine for and what effect you want to create.

    Haze is mineral oil based this make it less "cloudy," it creates a fine and subtle haze that can remain in a room for long periods of time without users having to continuously run the machine.  These machines are typically used to compliment laser shows when the user wants the audience to have a clear view of the venue. Haze is much deli

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