1. New AKG Professional Headphones

    Gearooz proudly offers a huge range of gear which we are always adding to, to bring you new and updated products on the market. Today we have a small collection of new headphones to present to our customers. We have AKG’s full range of professional headphones; within the range are the K121 high performance studio headphones.

    With a self adjusting headband and faux leather ear pads which have been designed to provide maximum comfort whilst keeping a clean, stylish design. The K121 headphones are ideal for long sessions, delivering familiar sound and make intonation easy.

    The AKG K167 headphones is another great choice, these over ear headphones are designed for professionals DJs and electronic music produc

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  2. Check out our headphones of choice!

    Headphones are an important part of any Djs set up, when your looking for the best the Denon Dj HP1100 headphones are a great choice, at a great price. With the largest drivers in their class at 53mm, the Denon headphones deliver unbeatable bass response and impact. They can also handle an impressive 3500mW of power, making this ideal for all nighters. Their 180-degree swivel and dual pivot ear cup design give you ultimate comfort and with a convenient folding design you can taken them with you wherever your music takes you.

     Another amazing set of headphones are the Pioneer HRM-6, being the most expensive on the list these are definitely for those willing to splurge. Their design allows for accurate, neutral sound, delivering crystal clear frequencies. The bass reflex chambers improve airflow for impressive bass

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  3. A Beginners Guide: Your First Set Up.

    Being a beginner in the world of Djs can be daunting, where do you start? What do you need to become a Dj? Well Gearooz are always happy to lend a helping hand. We have configured a list of essential items and pieces you need to get started. A good set up is key to a successful gig, preparation and organisation is just as important as having a passion for music.

     Of course these items may vary for different artists however these are the basics for a standard set up. A good piece of advice for beginners is to not overwhelm yourself with unnecessary equipment and software, learn the basics and build from there.

    Speakers and amplifiers are one the most important pieces of equipment, its great if you have a set of lighting fixtures, a large collection of music or the best controller but if no one can hear you then you won't progess very far. Make sure that PA is at the top of your list, Gearooz offer a variety of different

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  4. Presenting the Pioneer HDJ-1500-W Headphones in White!

    Gearooz is excited to present the HDJ-1500-W Headphones. These club headphones look and feel like a pro style headphone whilst being designed with large over the ear cups that look sleep and contributes to their excellent performance.

     The tight yet comfortable foam ear pads significantly reduce external sounds so you can solely focus on the music. The durable leather makes for a great feel and added comfort whilst keeping with the modern style of the headset.

     For additional convenience and preference, the included ear pads can also be replaced with Pioneer’s optional HDJ-EP01s open cup protein leather ear pads which sit around the ears. Some of the great features included are increased bass response and frequencies, innovative sound-isolation chamber isolating low and mid frequencies as well as a compact protective carrying pouch.

     These are definitely a stand out item and will be seem even from the back of the crowd. At such an afforda

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  5. The Flightcase Headphone Pro starter package from Pioneer!

    Pioneer has been one of the top brands for the past two decades and here at Gearooz we are always looking at the new and improved products that are released throughout the year. This year has been particularly successful, with so many incredible products on offer we are constantly reviewing them for you.

    With the year coming closing we are ending with a fantastic product from Pioneer, The Flight Case Headphone Pro Starter Package. This entry level set features many traits from our pro-DJ decks, making it a perfect springboard to professional sounding sets.

    The DJM-350 is a great mixer to get started, with powerful creative effects, USB recording and a MIC input with a 2-band EQ without the top flight price, the DJM-350 boasts features from Pioneer’s top-flight mixers.

    The HDJ-500s are designed to give you exceptional sound whether you’re DJing at home or in a club, or listening to music when you’re out and about.  The headphones follow

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  6. A Perfect Christmas Gift! Sennheiser Headphones

    Headphones are one of the most popular gifts this time of year and any music lover would always appreciate an upgrade. These closed, supra-aural headphones are modern and comfortable and packed with great features such as rotating ear cup, single-sided cable, excellent noise suppression and so much more.

     Small and compact the Sennheiser HD-205 headphones are great for on the road. They provide excellent sound quality and brilliant shielding of ambient noise. Features like these make them the best professional companion for DJ’s, including a convenient protective pouch for easy storage.

     The Sennheiser headphones are currently in stock and at such an affordable price you don’t want to miss out! Head over to Gearooz.com to grab yours today.

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  7. Everything you need to get started! The Pioneer DJ starter pack.

    For someone starting out in music and mixing the Pioneer starter pack is perfect, including a midi controller, headphones and monitors it has everything you need to get mixing. A great Christmas gift for a beginner, the compact DJ software controller lets you mix music and add effects via the rekordbox. Alongside that the new DM-40 speakers that are included give high quality sound for a high quality performance. And lastly sleep HDJ-700 headphones which allow you to monitor your mixes with clarity.

     With a simple and easy set up all you have to do is connect the products to each other, install the rekordbox DJ software and your ready to go. The controller features all the controls you need to learn to mix seamlessly, including play/cue buttons, EQ knobs, tempo sliders, a crossfader and jog wheels for scratching, a complete set of controls to give you the chance to play around and let your creativity run wild.  

     For that tech savvy artist, you can als

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  8. Christmas at Gearooz - Gift Guide

    Holiday Gift Guide for DJ’s and Performers - Main Gifts

     After previously posting a Stocking Filler gift guide we are now giving you a collection of our favourite products that we think would be awesome gifts to give this year. This gift guide contains the larger items that you would traditional put under the tree.

     Let’s get started!

     Chord Linden Ukulele’s

     These are an amazing and unique gift to give a musician who is looking to learn how to play a new and interesting instrument. We have a huge range of beautiful colours and these quality ukuleles would be a very trendy gift.

     Numark Professional DJ Headphones

     For our Stocking Stuffer gift guide, we

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  9. Christmas at Gearooz - Stocking Fillers

    Holiday Gift Guide for DJ’s and Performers – Stocking Fillers.
     Gift giving can be difficult at the best of times but if you’re buying for a music lover or performer it can be especially difficult. Here at Gearooz we want to do all we can to help you through this gift giving season so we have put together a couple of gift guides to help you navigate through the world of DJ equipment and the best bits to buy this year.
     Starting with stocking fillers, if you are looking to collect a few items to put into your loved ones stocking this year then these are some amazing options to choose from. Whether you are giving to an aspiring DJ, performer or singer/songwriter there is something for everyone.
     Let’s get started!
     Dunlop Tortex Plectrums (Pack of 12)
     Great for anyone who plays a string instrument, musicians ar
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  10. Looking for the perfect bundle?

    Tired of looking through pages and pages of equipment to complete the perfect set? Gearooz are now offering the ultimate DJ bundle including all the things you need to get started. No more scrolling through endless pages of speakers or mixers as we are gathered the best of the best and put it all into one set to make it easier for you. Perfect for home or professional use these specially selected products will fit your style no matter what.

     Including is the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Pro Midi Controller, boasting all the popular features as well as the added amazing new pro-DJ functions. Hitting the decks has never been easier and more intuitive, even for beginner DJ’s this is a great deck.

     Also included are powerful M-Audio monitors, which are compatible with all your gear including your tablet, computer or phone. As well as a headphone output allowing you to work privately at any hour. The monitors are not only great for DJ’s but are perfect for gaming

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