1. A Brief Look into the History of UK Music Festivals

    With winter well and truly upon us I thought it would be nice to look back on the festival season and with that the history of Music festivals and where it all started. Music festivals are a rite of passage for any music enthusiast, for whatever reason the idea of live music, dancing amongst nature and enjoying the company of others all under the warmth of the English sun (if you’re lucky) draws in huge crowds all over the country. British summer time brings with it festival season and so many embark on a weekend long trip to enjoy some music and a cold beverage.

    But where exactly did it all start, ultimately it began elsewhere in 1967 we saw the first example of what we now consider a music festival which was the Monterey International Pop Festival. More than 25,000 music lovers came together to watch live performances from The Who, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix amongst other artists. This set the scene for what was to come across the world, in the UK the Isle of Wight was

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  2. When to Release your Music: A Guide to the Year

    Believe it or not there is a right time to release your music, and that isn’t simply when it’s finished. With each month of the year your music will have to fit into the themes and common trends to have the best chance of success. You may be thinking “how can I determine the best month in advance”, here is a breakdown of the year and where your music would fit into it.

    January is a slow start, everyone is still coming down from the holidays and chances are they aren’t going to be up to date with the latest releases. If you’re thinking of releasing music in January aim for the middle to end, audiences would have had a few weeks to get back into a routine and many people have a very positive and upbeat attitude. If you feel your music fits with the theme of a new year then it may be the month for you, January is all about energetic vibes and fresh starts, perfect if your music is aimed at keeping people motivated.

    February is another light month, people tend to have co

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  3. All About Indie Labels

    The term ‘Indie Label’ is widely known in the industry and a lot of them have become successful businesses in recent years despite not being linked to the major labels. As they are independently funded it’s much harder for their music to reach a larger audience, but this hasn’t stopped some labels producing some of the best music.

    A lot of people are hesitant to join independent labels for many reasons but there are some huge benefits of being a part of these labels that you may not have realized. If you are approached by an indie label of decide to approach one yourself you can be assured that your music will stay yours as well as your image. It’s no secret that with larger labels musicians tend to have to change certain aspects of themselves and their music to fit labels ideals.

    If you’re worried about the long and harsh contracts that some larger labels require then maybe an indie one is a better choice, they tend to have much shorter and relaxed contracts and for

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  4. An Interview With The Wondersmiths

    Here at Gearooz we recently directed and produced a advert featuring Indie music band The Wondersmiths. After recording we got the chance to sit down and film an exclusive interview with the members of the band and learn a little more about their history.

    Vocalist Chris, Drummer Olly and guitarist Dave originally formed the band at Dave’s wedding 7 years ago and over the years have developed their sound and recruited a new keyboard player Henry, who was introduced after responding to a local advert.

    Based in Luton and Brighton, the group is signed to London based record label, The Animal Farm. The band play across the UK and have recently appeared on BBC introducing alongside being featured on ITVs This Morning with their latest single “Stanley What’s The Plan?”

    The song highlights the transition into adult life, deciding where you should go and what direction your life should go in. Written by Henry, the song is based on the common ph

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