1. How to Prepare for your Radio Interview

    So you finally have a radio interview, you have the opportunity to promote your music and gain new fans. But how exactly do you make the most out of your interview whilst staying professional and portraying your best self.  

    Chances are the interviewer will know more about you then you do about them so be prepared to answer questions about things that may be public knowledge. The aim is to keep the interview informative but entertaining so try and relax a little and share some fun stories or experiences you may have had whilst working in the industry. As much as you want to promote your music you do not want to come across as shallow, let listeners get to know you on a deeper level especially if they’ve never heard your music before. Listeners are much more likely to check out your latest releases if they genuinely like you as a person so try and connect with the interviewer and those listening.

    The radio station will likely promote the interview online so make sure

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  2. Music Journalism - Tips for your First Interview

    Music journalism is one of the more interesting roles within the industry. The most exciting part is the prospect of interviewing musicians especially high profile ones. Of course being a journalist is not just about glamorous events and meeting your idols, but we will get into that another day.

    Doing your first interview is extremely daunting no matter who you end up sitting down with. Hopefully we can help you get over those initial nerves with some tips and tricks so that you can relax and enjoy your first interview.

    In all of our interview tips whether it’s for an industry role, your first press interview or an artist interview, in every single situation you must always research and prepare for the job in every way you can. In this case you need to focus on learning what you can about the musician or influencer you’re interviewing, their latest endeavors and their journey through the industry, whatever it may be get to know them before you go in.

    On a sim

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  3. Tips for your First Interview in the Music Biz!

    Something we haven’t discussed much if at all on the blog before is publicity and how to prepare for interviews and exposure as you become a well known artist or band. We are by no means pros but hopefully we can give you some useful tips for handling your first interview, whether it is a major or minor one.

    The good thing about most interviews is that you will find the questions tend to be similar only worded differently, this means you can prepare your answers somewhat. Some common questions for new artists are “Who are your inspirations?”, “When did you first get into music?”, “What are your goals for the year?” and if you’re a band then “How did you come together?”  Although it’s good to have an idea of what the questions may be try not to make your answers the same every time, make sure you switch them up a bit otherwise it can sound scripted.

    To continue with questions and answers ensure you have a backup plan, most interviewers stick to the same kind of topics

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  4. Interview Tips for the Music Business

    Interview’s can be daunting now matter how many times you’ve had them, but the music industry is particularly competitive so when you finally get that invitation you want to do your best. We’ve spoken a lot about the music business and tips to getting into it but today we will be focusing on the interview process and what you can do to ensure you shine amongst the rest.

    Before anything do your research, research the company as well as the role you wish to play within it. You don’t want to go in blind, if you’re applying for a record label then find out who they work with and what kind of music they release. Know the job you are applying for, if you go in not knowing the job description or the day to day tasks you’re expected to do then it won’t look good. It’s also important that you plan some questions you want to ask, it shows your interest.

    Something that ties into the research point, make sure you know what’s on your CV. It’s easy to forget facts and information

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  5. Gearooz Interview Winner Of The WILD LIFE DJ Competition Henry

    The Gearooz team attended this year's WILD LIFE festival and while we were there we got the chance to have a chat with Henry J, Techno DJ and winner of the WILD LIFE social media DJ competition

    Gearooz: Congratulations on the win! How does it feel to have won the competition and play a festival slot among such a fantastic line up?

    Henry: It feels amazing to have played my first festival, the Kopparberg Urban Forest was such a nice place to play, and had a really good atmosphere throughout the weeken

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