Love Supreme is a Jazz Festival, although not just for Jazz lovers. It’s a 3 day event held on the first weekend of July at Glynde Place in the South Downs of East Sussex. Love Supreme is a very popular Jazz Festival within Europe; launched in July 2013 it has hosted artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, Jamie Cullen, Grace Jones, Steve Winwood and many more.

Created by former Universal record executive Ciro Romano who felt there was a gap in the business for a festival that celebrated Jazz, soul and funk. Although has stated it’s not just about jazz and that the festival is about high quality music.

For those not familiar with the festival it has 4 stages, the main stage where their headliners perform and more contemporary artists, the big top where international and UK jazz artists perform, the arena which hosts younger performers and finally the bandstand which has the best jazz in East Sussex and Brighton hosted but the Verdict Jazz Club and Bands and Voices whi

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