The Johnny Brook electronic drum machine is great if your looking for a compact, portable drum with the capabilities of a full drum kit. Also suitable for beginners if you are looking to purchase a small kit before committing to a larger more expensive one.

 The Johnny Brook kit provides 265 drum sounds, 45 drum kits and 100 pre set songs. The sound system is specially designed to give a deep, powerful bass. You are able to plug in your music playing device to the Aux in Jack and play along to your favourite music. Also featuring a USB connector that is midi compatible to most computers and mobile devices for easy and quick connection.

 With quality features which replicate a standard drum kit these electronic drums are a great alternative if you are strap for space and budget. Beginners and drummer enthusiasts alike can improve their skill and craft just as well on the Johnny Brook drum machine as a full set, no need to compromise on quality or abilities.

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