1. One for the acoustic performers, the A1+ amp from Laney!

    Designed to give the acoustic player an amplified acoustic performance which matches those at the top end of the market, the A1+ delivers great acoustic amplification in a portable, compact package. Packed in a dual position wooden cab with a TüffStüff finish, the A1+ is sturdy and durable. Also included is a built in tripod stand mount which is great to optimize sound projection.

    With two identical but independent instrument/mic channels users can connect two instruments or two different inputs for the same instrument. Thanks to the high quality dome tweeter and 8”woofer the A1+ has impressive frequency response.

     If you’re interested in ordering the Laney A1+ then head over to where you will also find a list of all the features and specs.


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  2. Laney, Classic British Amplification brings to you the LV300T!

    Nothing compares to playing live acoustic music with the interaction with your audience and with the release of the LV300T which is designed to give you the power and tone to work the room. The LV300T is a 120W Tube RMS Combo with a real ECC83 tube and a pair of custom designed 12” HH drivers.

    The LV300T is packed with features which make it gig ready, ideal for live use. Its 120W output section is coupled to twin12” loudspeakers that have been custom designed for Laney by HH. Although Tubes add authenticity and character we know that they can be very heavy and much more expensive. However equipped with a real ECC83 tube means the LV300T is portable and practical which is ideal for mobile DJ’s.

    Some notable features are the 2 Drive channels with a ‘V’ switch giving you an instantly scooped tone plus as there is one per channel it gives flexibility to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone unaffected. Not only that but the VTS

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