1. Introducing DJ Lighting Direct

    We are excited to announce the launch of DJ Lighting Direct, offering the very best deals on amazing stage lighting products. Hand selected DJ and Band Lighting from the highest quality brands, such as ADJ, Chauvet and Equinox. You can get your hands on all the best moving heads, effects lights and LED par cans amongst many other products.

    DJ Lighting Direct bulk buys the best products around so we can supply them directly to you at the very best package prices. All products are delivered free of charge within a few days. We aim to give you the easiest experience when purchasing from DJ Lighting Direct and we’re able to do that through our unique payment options. You can pay up to 14 days after delivery, available on selected orders this gives you the option to literally try before you buy.

    Shop the best deals through our specially designed categories including, Special FX, Lasers, Lighting Packages, Effect Light and Top Brands. Each category includes a list of high

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  2. The Laserworld EL-200, a user friendly laser system.

    Lasers are a great piece of equipment for those who perform regularly in clubs and on stage. Laserworld produce fantastic laser systems for all kinds of performances. The EL-200 is a RGB laser system with a total output power of up to 200mW. The EL-200 delivers beautiful colours and brightness across an entire room. The beams have diameter of about 3mm and a beam divergence of about 2mrad, the projector gives off high speed stepper motors with 2-5kpps as well as a scan angle of up to 30 degrees.

     The EL-200 includes around 50 preset basic patterns such as layers, tunnels, fences and waves, all which can be controlled via DMX. Also available are sound to light modes and well as a stand alone mode. The sound to light mode sensitivity of the integrated mic can be adjusted. You can get much more intense red, green and blue beams from the triple laser aperture

     The Laserworld EL-200 is use

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  3. Extend your creativity with the 3-in-1 Cameo Flat Storm Par Can!

    The Cameo Flat Storm is an amazing 3 in 1 Par can, ideal for mobile djs and small venues. This product provides that extra creativity in one small fixture, with its four DMX modes, sound activation and built in automated programs as well as master slave and standalone capabilities.

     Combined with impressive grating laser and intense strobe effects, this versatile product delivers high speed strobe and beautiful colour options for a captivating light show. For extra flexibility, the Flat Storm includes effective single pixel control and the option to use par can, strobe and laser functions individually.

     The Flat Storm is great for all kinds of set ups; with mounting brackets you can easily install the fixture anywhere or it can be placed on the floor for more casual gigs, also included is a convenient infrared remote control.

     The Cameo Flat Storm is in stock now; y

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  4. Light it up with our fun and festive QTX laser light!

    This year we are offering more of our fun and festive products than ever, we have previously mentioned out inflatable decorations and now we are happy to offer you the QTX Christmas garden laser.

    With multiple Christmas themed patterns that can be projected into building, fences and other surfaces this laser is sure to stand out amongst the rest. This light beams spinning festive figures and snowflakes as well as other designs, the waterproof housing and sturdy steel ground spike make this ideal for installation with a garden or plant pot.

    You also have the option to install directly onto a wall using the adjustable bracket to vary the angle of projection. You can select different speeds, colours and flash options making this much more customisable. If you are interested in picking one up for yourself then the QTX Christmas laser is available to order online now at

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  5. Laser Showcase Evening

    This November on Wednesday 2nd at our Brighton location, Gearooz will be showcasing a laser event that will present great products and exclusive offers. This free event welcomes all members of the public from 6pm onwards to our on-site showroom and will give customers a chance to learn about laser systems and all things related to laser control.

    Throughout the evening there will be interactive demonstrations allowing customers to get hands on and test the equipment they want. The demonstrations include animation and full colour beam demos, and micro and gobo laser presentations. Alongside this there is will be a seminar where the sales team will be discussing “which laser is right for me and how can I control it?”

    Gearooz have a large selection of lasers suited to a variety of applications and ideal for mobile entertainers, DJs, clubs and bars. They stock lasers that can be integrated into any light show, so

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  6. What Is ILDA And How Can I Control My Laser With It?

    Since the rise in popularity of lasers in recent years, technology has had the chance to become more advanced and software has developed that allows a DJ to customise their shows.

    ILDA is an analogue cable that connects a compatible laser to the chosen ILDA software via an interface. It connects between a USB port and an ILDA input connector on your chosen laser projector and enables users to operate unique lasers designs.

    An ILDA interface is used in the laser industry the same way a 3/5PIN DMX interface is used but this allows the importation of custom graphics, text, and effects which is then developed into animation lasers.

    Users can have control of their shows; design their own logos and images to suit a certain event, or just to add visual excitement to a show.

    A laser can project onto any surface which

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  7. KAM Energy SD1 Animation Laser Review

    KAM have been at the forefront of the laser world, certainly from the mobile disco point of view, ever since they created the Star Cluster Laser back in 2007. Over the years they have continued to create high quality, professional lasers, at an affordable price point ideal for mobile DJs. The Energy SD1 Laser is no exception, offering an unbelievably bright animation laser, packed full of features, at a very reasonable price.

    • Build Quality – 9/10
    • Brightness – 10/10
    • Features – 10/10
    • Value for Money – 8/10
    • Overall – 9/10

    The Energy SD1 Laser from Kam boasts a massive 1500mW output, which is said to be the equivalent of a 2000mW output. One thing that is certain, it is incredibly bright! All this power comes from a 550mW red (638nm) laser diode, a 150mW green (532nm) laser diode, and an 800mW blue (450nm) laser diode. These three colours provide endless colour mixing capabilities, making the SD1 a fully multi-co

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