Being a leader within a band is a difficult position to take on; you are in charge of keeping a balanced dynamic amongst the band. You need to respect everyone’s thoughts and opinions whilst also finalizing a lot of the decisions and this can be tricky to master. You are the voice that settles disagreements and issues within the band if there are any so if you find you’re struggling to find your voice as a leader hopefully these tips will help you out.

Issues within a band is something we’ve discussed quite a bit so if you need some help on that please check out our posts. Sorting out disagreements or a lazy band member is something that has to be sorted in one way or another and as a leader you may find you have to let a member go but never undermined or threaten a member of the band with dismissal, this is disrespectful and in poor taste. As difficult as they may be they have put time into the band whether a fair amount or not they deserve to be treated equally. Instead di

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