Introducing the world’s first levitating turntable, the MAG-LEV (Magnetic-Levitation Audio) turntable uses magnets to suspend the platter during playback leaving your record floating in the air.

The turntable has a semi-automatic pre-fitted tonearm and cartridge, and the system enables users to setup quick and efficiently.  It has standard 33.3 and 45 rpm speeds that can be switched with just the turn of a button.

The MAG-LEV also knows when the current record is finished and lifts the needle off the vinyl, a feature the creators claim prolongs the life of you record.

When have finished listening to their vinyl the automatic platter feet lift up allowing it to be rested and supported when the system is in off mode.

There are no hugely recognisable audio enhancements but the unique electromagnetic floating feature of the turntable makes it a great showpiece.

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