German budget supermarket chain Lidl has started selling a turntable.

Available for £49.99, the all-in-one ION record player comes with a USB connection for converting vinyl records to digital and it even has three years warranty.

The all-in-one playback system features a built-in speaker and amplifier, so users don’t need to plug their deck into separate equipment. Alongside this is the unit includes a USB port so users can “rip” their own records into a digital format.

The Ion turntable has integrated speakers, a USB connection for digitising your vinyl, and can play records at 33, 45 and 78rpm. And it's £50.

In recent years the cost of turntables has increased and sales of vinyl have grown in the UK, leaving supermarkets to create their own brand table for vinyl lovers. Last year Tesco became the first UK supermarket chain to reintroduce LPs to its stores with Sainsbury’s joining them later in the year.


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