The M-Audio CODE series keyboard controllers are a family of three models, the 61, 49 and 25. The models feature all the latest technology and combine new features that improve usability and functionality. The Code series controllers are all affordable and are considered to be a powerful solution in keyboard controllers enhancing any performance.  

The intuitive controllers support USB connectivity but also offer traditional MIDI in and out ports as well. They have a five-octave playing surface, a four-by-four pad array with all 16 pads offering velocity and pressure sensitive keys, and colourful illuminated buttons.

The keyboards can be split into four independent zones, which allow users to access multiple plugins at once.

The feature line-up for the Code series is concluded by a pitch bend and a modulation wheel in the top left-hand corner and by an X-Y pad on the far right-hand side.

The controller includes an X-Y pad. This can manipulated to

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