If you’ve established a name for yourself in the industry then you’re probably starting to consider building a bigger team of people to help you continue to grow and develop as an artist. From the beginning you’ve probably had to handle everything yourself, from admin to legal work. As an indie artist it can be hard to do it all whilst trying to work on your music so it’s great when you can finally bring others on board.

If you’ve been juggling the work up to this point you might not know exactly who you need on your team, it’s important to create an inspiring team of people who will not only help but encourage you all whilst having your best interests at heart. You do not need to bring everyone onboard all at once; it’s a process of finding the right person who can be a part of the family. To help you get started here are a few members you should consider hiring in order to build the best team.

A Manager is one of the most important parts of your team and is a role

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