1. The ADJ Warlock vs The Martin RUSH Wizard!

    When looking for new lighting equipment it can be difficult to choose considering how many are on offer. Today we are going to be doing a comparison on the popular lighting units from ADJ and Martin RUSH. The Wizard and Warlock Barrel Lights are very similar which has customers struggling to decide on the right one. We are going to be putting the products side by side to compare design, features and value.

    Firstly for a general overview of both products and what they offer. The Martin RUSH Wizard is lighter, brighter, more compact and energy efficient than previous installments and delivers bright and magical lighting effects.

    The ADJ Warlock is a unique, compact moonflower effect light. Offering stunning 360 degree lighting effects which are extremely bright as well as having a nice selection of gobos in a sturdy design.

    It’s clear to see both units are very good and seem to offer similar features but which one is better? To start with the design, although v

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  2. Gearooz presents the Rush Range of Martin Lights.

    We are excited to present the Rush range of Martin Lights, specifically designed to combine excellent optics with new high output light sources packed within compact units filled with fantastic features. Made to be a strobe or blinder with individually controlled LEDs this is a great piece of equipment.

     Another feature includes panels which also link horizontally and vertically via a locking mechanism to expand the wall and allow more graphics to be produced. The Rush range is one of our Christmas picks this year and we highly recommend it to any lighting enthusiast.

     The Rush strobe light is now available to order online to receive before Christmas. 

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  3. Gearooz Presents The Martin Rush Wizard!

    Introducing the RUSH wizard, a compact, vibrant and energy-efficient lighting fixture. This iconic fixture is DMX controllable and features a colour wheel with seven colours and a gobo wheel with 15 unique designs.

    The wizard produces magical barrel effects and delivers more than 80 light beams which can each chase each other continuously while changing colour and gobo patterns.

    A lightweight, bright and easily transportable fixture the wizard includes sound-active mode and it has a shutter for strobe and pulse effects in addition to blackouts and instant opens.

    If you are looking for that classic DJ effect then the Martin RUSH Wizard is well suited to a mobile DJ. Producing unique twinkle animation effects and a variety of dance floor looks, the fixture is ideal for any sized venues. It can be mounted in a variety of ways including mounted on a floor stand, wall or ceiling.

    Alongside the listed effects, the Wizard has adjustable focus and pre-program

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