1. A Guide to Giving Back to your Fans this Christmas!

    With Christmas just around the corner and the year coming to an end it’s probably time to think about giving back to those who have supported you throughout 2018. The holidays are the perfect time to show your appreciation and gratitude with some fun festive giveaways or limited edition products. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

    If you’re a well loved band or artist then chances are you’ve received a fair few letters and notes from loving fans. If you’re inundated throughout the year then it’s understandable that you won’t be able to response to every since one, however Christmas is the perfect opportunity to send off some cards to show just how much you appreciate their kind words. Pick some fans that regularly write or continue to show their support, real fans will treasure a handwritten letter or even some free merchandise if you’re feeling generous.  

    Merchandise is a firm favourite amongst fans, jumpers, hats and mugs go down a treat and Christmas is the id

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  2. The Best Merch Ideas for Bands

    If you’re climbing the ladder of success then you’re probably looking for your next musical endeavor, so how about creating some merch?  Unique merchandise can do wonders for a bands reputation whilst also bringing in a load of sales to help fund tours, performances and equipment as well as a charity if your band works with one or wants to participate in a charity event.

    The key to making merch is to keep it exclusive and unique to yourself or your band. Fans like to feel a sense of community and making a limited number of items can make the products feel much more special to your fans whilst also adding value to it. Your products don’t have to be anything revolutionary but they do have to be creative and unique, this can be done through designs and how they’re made.

    Some good ones to start with are enamel pins; these are much preferred over buttons as they are more durable and can have more elaborate designs. You can either design them yourself or g

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