1. A Guide to Increasing Merchandise Sales

    Selling merchandise may or may not be something you enjoy but ultimately for many bands and musicians it’s a great resource for many reasons, not only to earn some extra cash but to gain exposure. As a form of marketing selling merchandise it something you will want to put some effort into, fans will not appreciate poor merch and if they feel you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons it can have a very negative effect on sales and your overall image.

    So what to do if your merchandise sales are still starting to drop, here are a few tips that may help get you back in business. Not all will apply to you but hopefully implementing one or more ideas will help drive sales.

    Start considering where you’re promoting and selling you merchandise, if you’re primarily doing it online then you might want to reconsider. Most sales are done before and after shows, I would suggest making sure you’re promoting your products on stage however make sure you don’t overdo it. Presumably a

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  2. New In-store Display: The Gear4DJs Roadshow

    The Gear4DJs Brighton showroom has a new display!

    The concept behind our new in store display is to portray the full circle of production in DJ equipment.

    The display hopes to show our customers how items designed and made in yesteryear are still very much at the fore front of lighting products in the 21st century.

    The display hopes to evoke feelings of nostalgia to our customers through polaroids of previous roadshow setups and equipment. We also hope to display the current equivalent and show the modern day DJ where its equipment originated and evolved from.
    The display aims to display the contrast between current DJ equipment and its equivalent classic and traditional roadshow item.


    Items Featured In The Display:


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