1. How To: Utilise Space For Your Home Set Up.

    Not everyone can afford a studio, and not everyone has space for a large Dj booth. Sometimes we have to make do with the space we have in our homes. and with a large collection which you’ve spent time and money on I’m sure you want to make the most of it. However, you don’t need a large stage or studio to show off your kit, a small space within your home is enough.

     If you’re looking to build your own storage, then Ikea is a surprisingly handy store for Djs, as well as other general hardware stores. Their shelving units are a perfect starting point for your set up, whilst being affordable they are also quick to set up and very space efficient. You can add additional shelf’s for your speakers and devices and their units are a great way to display your vinyl’s.   

     Your standard desk is also a handy alternative, with some already having a second tier shelf for your speakers and laptop, as well as a pull out shelf

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  2. A Beginners Guide: Your First Set Up.

    Being a beginner in the world of Djs can be daunting, where do you start? What do you need to become a Dj? Well Gearooz are always happy to lend a helping hand. We have configured a list of essential items and pieces you need to get started. A good set up is key to a successful gig, preparation and organisation is just as important as having a passion for music.

     Of course these items may vary for different artists however these are the basics for a standard set up. A good piece of advice for beginners is to not overwhelm yourself with unnecessary equipment and software, learn the basics and build from there.

    Speakers and amplifiers are one the most important pieces of equipment, its great if you have a set of lighting fixtures, a large collection of music or the best controller but if no one can hear you then you won't progess very far. Make sure that PA is at the top of your list, Gearooz offer a variety of different

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  3. Perform at the highest level, The Pioneer DJM-TOUR1

    Perform at the highest level, the DJM-TOUR1 delivers the warm high resolution sound your used to, and adds pro grade audio components to scale up for any size of event. This investment item will change the game and make your show extraordinary, if your looking to seriously upgrade your mixer then you can’t go wrong with the Pioneer DJM-TOUR1.

     No need to worry about control as the large fold out touch screen gives you effortless control when it matters most. With such amazing quality you can rely on the DJM-TOUR1 to take you on tour from fesivals to the arena, this is a stunning piece of equipment worth the price tag.

     The Pioneer mixer has many amazing features which make this the ultimate touring mixer. Features include flexible connectivity, beat FX, Independent send and return and has a festival proof design amongst other great features all available to view online at Gearooz.com.

     You can view the product on our just added page as we

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  4. Delivering Power and Accuracy - The JBL Line Array Speaker System

    This modern and compact line array speaker system offers solid JBL performance, carefully designed to maximise performance without compromising on space and build quality. Anyone can plug in and play whether you’re a band, DJ or duo.

     You can rely on this system to deliver powerful and accurate sound; with its patent pending speaker configuration it will not let you down. The built in 6 channel mixer with EQ makes it easy to get amazing sound instantly, you can simply connect your microphones and instruments. An all in one sleek design which you can carry with one hand making for easy and efficient travel for mobile artists. Not only that but this line array system is effortless to set up saving time and energy you can spend on stage.

    The JBL line array speaker mixer system is now available to order online at Gearooz.com.

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  5. Gemini Mix2Go Portable DJ Mixing Console

    The new Gemini Mix2Go portable mixing console is in stock now! Connect any device and take the party anywhere. Options are endless with the 6 hour built in rechargeable battery and seamless connectivity to your mobile devices with DJ software and applications. This product is perfect for those who are on the go, whether you are a mobile entertainer or in need of a compact mixer for a small party this is ideal for you.

    This product features a full 2 channel DJ controller with 8 performance pads per deck for looping and hot cueing. With built in lighting effects with beat control, you can create stand out LED light shows to compliment your music. The Gemini Mix2Go is great for beginners, who want to further their DJ skills. Built with an included durable shoulder strap and handles this truly is a dream for travelling DJs. A high quality speaker system on board with crisp highs and deep bass, aux and microphone input this product does not lack quality even with its compact size

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  6. Pioneer DJ Releases DJM-250Mk2 2-Channel Mixer

    Pioneer DJ has replaced the smallest mixer in its mixer range, the DJM-250, with the new DJM-250Mk2. A compact and durable mixer it comes with a built-in sound card and Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox DVS also in the box. Alongside this boasts a Magvel professional crossfader plus per-channel two-parameter hardware filters.

    Its condensed size means it will collaborate well with media players such as Pioneer's XDJ-700.

    Although it has the same size factor as the XDJ-700 media players, it is designed for bedrooms or more compact DJ set-ups, as it can be seen as a modern take on the classic two-channel mixer design.

    Feautring the ability to run a microphone and auxiliary at the same time it also has the two main channels, and the full three-band isolator EQs.

    Technologically and licence-wise, it is ready for Rekordbox DVS with no external audio interface or extra software plug-ins needed. The bundled software along sells separately for €248). Users

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  7. Review: Reloop RMX-60

    The new Reloop RMX-60 is the same size as a Pioneer DJ mixer and is built to similar high standards, with its complete metal casing, high quality knobs and faders. The mixer is equipped with all the expected inputs and outputs, located round the back of the product. However, there is no FX send/return, but there are remote control sockets for autostart, to work in connection with other Reloop media players.

    The top panel on the mixer features combi-socket inputs, top-mounted RCA and the easily switchable classic/kill Equaliser. Furthermore, there is a tone control feature for headphones, with split cue and 1/8” and 1/4” jack sockets.

    In addition to the features listed above, the Reloop RMX-60 mixer has the standard per-channel LED Vus, crossfader (Innofader compatible), three-band EQ and an FX section, located up its right-hand side.

    The USB socket located on the back of the mixer is for firmware updates etc and not somewhere to plug your c

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  8. Rane MP 2014 Review

    The Rane MP2014 is a two-channel rotary mixer with a pristine signal path that provides DJs with everything they need, in terms of control, movement and art.

    The mixer has been designed for the DJ who only requires two channels, looking for simplicity, reliability, portability and modern technology, with cutting edge features.

    The MP2014 has been designed and tailored for the discerning DJ, looking for smooth transitions as a result of rotary controls. Rane have managed to incorporate almost all the features of their previous mixer, the MP2015, with additional features too. The products additional features include; Dual USB ports/soundcards for switching off DJs, external FX loop, studio quality phono preamps, durable steel chassis, sleek and beautiful wooden sides , plus much more.

    This DJ mixer is classic and elegant and with its rugged design and intuitive simplicity it bridges the gap between classic rotary mixers and modern day DJ tools.

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  9. Pioneer Announce New Flagship Deck and Mixer

    This years NAMM festival was a chance for the multinational corporation, Pioneer, to unveil the CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2, the latest versions of their flagship deck and mixer.

    The new CDJ-200NXS exceeds the former CDJ model with its multi-coloured wave display, high resolution touchscreen and wave zoom, with QWERTY keyboard and search filters, ensuring faster track selection for the DJ. With its built-in 24-bit/96kHz audio interface and 32-bit D/A converter this CDJ-200NXS enables its users to produce their music to highest possible sound quality.

    The new DJM-900NXS2 has been kicked up a notch, featuring Pioneer's first ever 64-bit mixing processor, which aims to deliver a more detailed natural sound. All controls found on the mixer have been fine-tuned to be even more responsive, with enhanced FX controls, such as improved EQ and Fader curves.

    This new mixer also allows its users to send/return independently, has two USB ports and four phono inpu

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