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  1. New to ADJ, the Hydro Beam Moving Heads!

    New to ADJ the Hydro Beam Moving Heads, professional moving head fixtures designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Both fixtures are durable and reliable; their casting protects them from dust, sand, moisture and liquids. Ideal for all occasions and environments, whether you’re looking to light up a beach party or create incredible visual effects in the rain.

    These amazing fixtures offer an extended operational life and reduced maintenance requirement due to their sealed casing design. These are perfect for festivals and outdoor events, as well as installation in open air clubs and other spaces. Enjoy these high powered moving heads, with a compact size and quick movement you can take your lighting to the next level.

    The Hydro Beam FX2 includes a range of features such as linear motorized focus, 8-facet circular prism with overlay, glass and metal GOBOs that rotate and are replaceable, 3

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  2. The Equinox Vortex Effect Light!

    The Equinox Vortex moving head is a new effect light, boasting a combined 120W LED output. A 4 push button OLED menu provides the user with easy access to functions including DMX, auto, sound active and master/slave modes. The Vortex is a powerful effect light at an affordable price for lighting effects. Featuring advanced internal programming which includes a 180 degree forward facing show which enhances the sound active and auto modes even more, giving the audience an incredible light show.

    With the zoom feature and a continuous front lens rotations it gives DJ’s a unique moving head which creates stunning mid air effects. The Vortex is great for mobile DJs and performs very well in all kinds of environments.

    Equinox is a well established brand who provided high quality equipment including some of the best lighting gear on the market. We stock a huge range of Equinox lighti

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  3. The Showtec XS-6

    The Showtec XS-6 is a very powerful effect light which will completely cover the dance floor with fast moving beams, if you are looking for a high powered light that will steal the show the XS-6 is a fantastic unit. This centre effect has 6 moving heads on a rotating base, the beam angles is 4 degree which creates 6 fat beams that are full controllable. The XS-6 is not for the faint hearted this unit is ideal for large events, if you want an effect light that will transform the space this is the one for you.

    All moving heads have 9 gobos and 7 dichros, a dimmer and a shutter function as well as a manual focus. This is a professional grade lighting fixture and highly recommended to those in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re running a festival or large corporate event the XS-6 will not disappoint. If you’re interested in the XS-6 head over to, remember you can also apply for finance if

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  4. ADJ Dual Independent Head Rotating Gobo - Review

    ADJs creativity and innovation makes for unique, high quality products. This dual moving head delivers continuous 360-degree rotation, producing sparks of colour that will fill a room. The 3 Sixty 2R is powered by the brand new Philips Platinum 2R, 135W discharge lamp, rated at 6,000-hour lamp life.

     Each heads colours, gobos and movement run independently from each other for a stand out light show. The 3 Sixty features professional features such as a 4-degree beam angle, 13 colours plus white, 14 gobos plus spot, 8-facet prism and a frost filter.

     The 3 Sixty would be ideal for all types of light shows, its compact size makes for easy travel and set up. If you want to get your hands on the ADJ 3 Sixty independent rotating moving head, then head over to, you will also find a full list of features and specs.                    &n

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  5. We're excited to announce the ADJ Focus Spot Three Z Pearl!

    We are excited to announce the flagship of the Focus Spot Series of moving heads pair package from ADJ, with the series being so popular in a black exterior ADJ has now come out with a white exterior finish. Perfect for those looking for a more elegant style moving head and are in need of a spot light that will fit into wedding venues or similar events.

     These lights are premium technology at an affordable price, the Focus Spot Three Z Pearl is a DMX intelligent moving head. It can operate as a stand alone fixture or in a Master/Slave set up. The Three Z Pearl offers three different operating modes, a sound active, show mode, DMX controlled. Although the white exterior would be ideal for those fancier venues this is suitable for anything from theatres, studios and other corporate locations.

     We also recommend using a fog or special effe

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  6. Need an upgrade? Check out the DTS Nick NRG 1401 moving head!

    Looking for a top of the line moving head? Something that delivers extreme brightness fit for TV studios and other professional venues, The Nick NRG 1401 is a high performance LED wash moving head. This moving head will not disappoint, with perfectly uniform wash lighting and high end visual effects the Nick NRG 1401 is a great investment item.

     The DTS Nick NRG is equipped with 23 high power OSTAR RGBW LEDs, this moving head can certainly pack a punch and produce incredible light shows. For the more advanced artists this is a great upgrade, the 4° to 52° zoom range makes this fixture ideal for a range of applications, either as a beam light with multi colour rays or a wash light with a very wide projection.

    This is a quality piece of equipment fit for those of the most advanced level. If you are interested in getting your hands on the Nick NRG 1401 head over to

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  7. Introducing the Three Z

    The ADJ Focus Spot Three Z, a 100W LED Moving Head. With a motorized focus and motorized zoom it allows for a variable been angle from 15-20 degrees. Perfect for all occasional the Three Z is extremely versatile and will fit into anyone’s set up. Whether you are a small performer or looking for something that performs well in clubs, theatres, concerts and festivals then the Three Z is ideal.

    It has everything that lighting professionals are looking for in a LED spot Moving Head and making it a great investment item. With the one rotating GOBO wheel, one fixed GOBO wheel and one color wheel the Three Z has the ability to create spellbinding multi-beam effects and the capability of filling large spaces this piece of equipment can produce incredible shows and is well worth the price.

    If you want to get your hands on the new ADJ Focus Spot Three Z Pair Package head over to, it is now availa

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  8. ADJ Pocket Pro LED DJ Club Moving Head

    The new ADJ Pocket Pro is available to now; this fixture has been transformed from the base up creating a compact and affordable spot moving head. We listened to our customers and the new Pocket Pro has a manual focusing wheel which allows users easy and precise focusing of the GOBOs resulting in all applications looking crisp and of high quality. Our aim was to find the perfect solution to make the Pocket Pro brighter than its predecessor. With a new LED source this fixture produces the output and kick needed in smaller venues. The Pocket Pros compact size makes for perfect use in small clubs, bars as well as mobile performers. It is also great for events, custom projection in lounges or retail environments, the pocket pro will transform any space you put it in. The Pocket Pro includes a locking powerCon for power, never having to worry about vibration or not having a secure AC connection. Featuring seven different colours plus white and seven replaceable GOBOs, plus four addition

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  9. ADJ Launch New Vizi Beam RXONE

    ADJ have recently announced the arrival of their New Vizi Beam RXONE, which will join the additional fixtures in the popular Vizi series.

    Their new Moving Head, Vizi Beam RXONE, is compact and quick. The unit features a 1R MSD long life lamp which produces a super sharp 3-degree beam of light that travels up to 100metres. The new ADJ moving head includes a frost filter, providing beams with a wash effect of 21-degrees.

    Inside the Vizi Beam RXONE is a 16-facet prism with macros, 14 colour plus white colour wheel and 15 static GOBOs. This moving head also features a GOBO shake effect and additional strobing features.

    The RXONE has two DMX modes, 15 or 17 channels, enabling full DMX control for its users. The New ADJ Moving Head is compatible with their new Airstream IR App, in addition to UC IR.

    Vizi Beam RXONE has a low power consumption of 199W at max power, enabling users to connect multiple RXONE units for a larger impact lig

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  10. Moving Head Expo Evening Review

    Tuesday 2nd February Gear4DJs hosted a Moving Head Expo Evening at their Brighton Showroom.

    Gear4DJs Moving Head Expo was a great opportunity to showcase our wide range of Moving Heads from a selection of brands, all varying in price.

    The evening began with a short seminar from Alex and Luke, informing our guests on “how to get the most from their moving head”. In addition to this, speeches were given on hints and tips on placement, up selling of gobos, taking control of moving heads to create dynamic light shows and exclusive special price offers of the night.

    The floor was then opened up to questions and a breakaway, in which guests could ask about specific products and speak to our team members directly. This worked well and gave our guests the chance find out any product specifics they required.

    After the break out Matt was able to reunite everyone around the interactive area of the showroom to demonstrate the three types o

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