Some would consider multi tasking a talent, the ability to get a collection of tasks done quickly seems like a positive mind set and one that will make your career progress faster. The problem is multi tasking can seriously affect your work and juggling too much at once will ultimately catch up with you.

It may seem great to knock out a bunch of things on you’re to do list at once or in a short space of time but it’s likely that your work will start to slip. If your head isn’t fully on the task at hand because you’re too busy thinking about finishing something else then you won’t be completing it to the best of your ability. You will start to make mistakes and your music or anything you may be working on will not be of a high quality, and audiences will recognise this which will quickly begin to negatively affect the progress of your career. The saying quality over quantity is truly one to follow, focus and put your all into everything you create without spreading yourself t

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