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  1. Tips for Creating an Original Cover Song/Video

    We’ve covered a lot of topics surrounding song writing and breaking into the music industry but not everyone feels they want to start with an original song. It takes a lot of confidence to record and release something completely your own, people have strong opinions and it’s perfectly fine if you want to start of slow. Many musicians start off releasing covers, it’s much easier than performing an original but still allows you to get a feel for things and how an audience may react to your voice.

    There is however a few things you will want to work on when recording a cover to allow yourself to still stand out rather than simply being another video within the enormous collection of covers released online. As nice as it is to hear a variety of different versions of your favourite song audiences want to hear something different, something creative. Here are a few tips on how you can make your cover stand out amongst the rest.  

    Starting with the song itself, if you’re an

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  2. Tips for Handling Nerves Before a Gig

    For many musicians performing doesn’t come easy, the passion to create music doesn’t automatically come with the desire to get on stage and show the world. It’s completely understandable and is something a lot of artists have to deal with but there are a few things you can practice in order to ease those pre show nerves. We have a few posts centred about anxiety and shyness so if you need some more guidance on that please check out our blog. If you simply need some tips for battling the nerves then keep reading.

    Tell someone, if you’re working with another band, artist or a team of people make sure you let them know how you’re feeling. It can be daunting but chances are they’re also nervous; we all go through it at some stage so having someone who understands and can help you calm down is a whole lot better than being around people who have no idea

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  3. Tips for Releasing Free Music

    Believe it or not there’s a wrong and right way to release your music for free, depending on how you go about releasing your music it can have a positive or negative effect on your career. To make the most out of giving your music away for free here are a few helpful tips.

    Engage with your audience, you don’t want to be giving your music away for free to people who don’t support you or your music. Make sure you have an emailing list or some sort of free subscription that people can sign up to, in return they can receive free material and you can be sure that you’re giving your music away to those who want to hear from you.

    This also means you can start to interact and engage more with fans and thank them for supporting you, if you aren’t already doing this on your other social media sites. Having this list of people also means you can target them when it comes to releasing paid material and they are more likely to buy your music if t

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  4. How to Create a Great Music Video on a Budget

    Music videos are powerful tools within the industry and many artists are discovered through these videos, not only do they help get you seen by labels but they help you gain fans that you may not have had without the video. All you have to do is look at popular music videos that are making the rounds online to see the effect it can have on audiences, and the great thing is they don’t have to be these professionally produced videos that cost a ton of money.

    The key is to get the basics down first, you will need a solid idea, a good team of people, whether that’s a team of 4 or 20 it doesn’t matter just as long as they know what they are doing and can put their all into the production. You will of course need gear but you don’t need a lot of it just some decent recording equipment and lastly you need a schedule; good videos can’t be made overnight you need to put time and dedication into your project.

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  5. How To Make A Viral Music Video

    Music videos are a great way to promote your band; video is a massive platform at the moment and can gain you or your band a huge amount of exposure especially if it goes viral. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune as long as you have a great idea and creative flare you have every chance of producing a vital music video.

    But where to start?  You’ve probably already got a song in mind for your video; if not make sure you give it some thought. It doesn’t have to be your latest release, if you feel that a slightly older song would be the best one to make a music video for then go for it. You could always start making your video for a song that won’t be released for a while that way you have your song and video ready to go on release.

    Although making a music video can be inexpensive there’s no doubt for a good video you will need a team of people big or small, you can’t do it all yourself.  You will need a filmmaker/cameraman

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  6. How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

    Trying to get your videos noticed on Youtube can be a whole task in itself. You’ve got a great thumbnail, title and a bunch of tags but you still aren’t getting the views you want? We wanted to give you a few extra things you can do to help boast your channel. Obviously being an overnight success is rare so keep in mind that it may take a while for your channel to take off but as long as you are consistent and continue making quality content with these few additions you will see results.

    Take full advantage of the community as it will be the best way to gain views and subscribers. If you aren’t already makes sure you are subscribing and commenting on other videos similar to yours, getting to know people in the community who have the same passion for music as you. You’d be surprised at how many small channels are willing to support each other so just be genuine, kind and respectful and you will find that you will gain views simply for others within the community and the fans

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  8. Gearooz Launch Latest Advert Featuring The Wondersmiths

    Directed and produced by, this short film centres on a band called The Wondersmiths as they perform their latest single “Stanley (What’s The Plan?)”.

    The Wondersmiths are an indie rock band signed to London record label, The Animal Farm. They have supported some of the UK’s best Indie artists including Cosmo Jarvis, Tribes and GroupLove. Their track ‘Side By Side’ was selected as a BBC Introducing ‘track of the week’, and played on national television (This Morning, ITV).

    The film follows the band as they discover the wide range of products has to offer and the stunning results that can be achieved by using them. Enjoy.

    Stanley (What's The Plan?)

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