A musical are still very much a part of the industry and is a genre with a very rich history. Although they are becoming much more niche and are not as widely acknowledged as more modern music there is still an audience for them and as someone who isn’t well versed on the topic I thought it would be interesting to delve into the history of musicals and how it all started.

If it’s one thing I know about the topic is that the genre has been around for an extremely long time, although not as advanced as they are today using music for storytelling is definitely not a new idea. Understandable we only have so much knowledge of where it all began but its thought we saw these musicals appear in Greece with the Romans creating small shows for entertainment.

Operettas are thought to have paved the way for more modern musicals; composers combined their music with a light storyline. Over time as new genres were introduced comedy and crude humour made the plotlines much more rela

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