1. Part Two Of Prolight + Sound 2017...

    The Gearooz team headed over to Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt earlier in the week to see this year's range of new products from a variety of different brands. 

    Martin THRILL Range

    Martin showcased their new affordable THRILL range which consisted of five fixtures; Multi-FX LED Centrepiece, Vertical Fogger, Mini Profile Moving Head, SlimPAR 64 and the SlimPAR Mini, all of which have high quality engineering and sleek aesthetics. 

    The Multi-FX is a 3-in-1 LED light fixture that includes a laser in the centre and is surrounded by strobes. Users can expect to see crisp and sharp beams when using the Multi-FX. Equipped with its laser, strobe, and rot

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  2. Frankfurt: Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound Review

    WOW...Frankfurt Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound is huge!

    I really didn’t understand the concept of how large these shows would be until I began walking around them. You could see everything; light shows in arenas, huge halls of musical instruments, extensive PA stands and large scale stage spaces, both inside and out. This show has it all and more.

    So let’s talk about some of the latest, new and exciting products I got to see during my time in Frankfurt.

    It is safe to say that this is the year of Denon. If the rumours are true (and I hope they are) we all need to watch out because this brand is coming back stronger and better than ever.

    The MCX8000 is a well-built piece of equipment and with its new price point, this controller provides us all with the ability to finally leave the laptop at home and take our music with us! For those who are not as excited as I am by this prospect, simply close the laptop lid and use

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  3. Frankfurt: Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound 2016

    Prolight + Sound (running from 5th-8th April) and Musikmesse (running from 7th-10th April) is happening in Frankfurt right now! With over 2,000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world set to visit the show at some point during the five day period, Frankfurt is currently a pivotal city for the music and event industry, transforming the German city into a stage!

    A grand total of 2,043 exhibitors from 60 different countries signed up to this years show, presenting and showcasing their latest product range, with additional new and exciting product releases and innovations.

    This years 2016 show boasts a new concept with revised opening times, big show changes and additional spaces, hoping to move the show towards current and future social trends and changes. Guests and show visitors can continue the show celebrations, once the doors have closed for the day, at various venues throughout the city with over 50 concerts in a selection

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  4. Musikmesse & Prolight + Sound 2016 Is Here With Plenty Of Changes

    Musikmesse 2016 takes place Thursday 7th April to Sunday 10th April at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre. The shows sister event, Prolight + Sound is now fully underway and will run until Friday 8th April.

    This time last year, we were all subject to widespread and frequent speculation regarding the future of Musikmesse and its format for shows to come, with the possibility of the show taking place at a later date in the calendar year and whether the show's audience would change, becoming more domesticated.

    Now 12 months on and with just two days to go before the 2016 Musikmesse show begins, despite the sister event Prolight + Sound starting today, everyone has a much clearer picture and understanding of what to expect from this years show and what the 'new concept' entales.

    The show will now be open to the public for the full three day duration and has relocated to the western section of the Exhibition Centre. This essentially means t

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