Native Instruments have announced a brand new addition to the Maschine family – The Maschine Jam. This 8x8 multicolour click-pad matrix is focused on sequencing, arrangement and performance MPC-style beat making. It connects to a desktop computer and the touch pads can be loaded with drum samples and played by tapping out a rhythm. Alongside this is can be loaded with synth plug-ins and It is compatible with the Maschine software and other Native Instruments. It doubles up as a controller for Ableton Live.

The Maschine Jam is a powerful multi-track step-sequencer for one, four or eight sounds simultaneously. In pad mode, sounds are entered in real time, while piano roll mode makes step-sequencing melodies in a variety of available scales.

The unique multi-purpose controls have included eight dual-touch smart strips and the all-new perform FX map can connect to one of the effects to the JAM’s touch strips, letting you simultaneously grab and automate a par

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