We spoken before about difficult fans and how to deal with them but haters are a whole other discussion. Unfortunately as great as social media can be at connecting people it’s also a feeding ground for haters and those simply out to spread negativity. With the ability to hide behind a screen it gives them free reign to say anything they want and for the most part it’s easy to handle but here are a few tips is the haters are getting out of hand.

First off I’ve got to mention simply ignoring them, most haters get bored when no one is listening so ignoring them and giving your focus to real fans will likely get rid of them but for those who insist on sticking around there are some things you can do.

Start killing them with kindness, if you’re so inclined to respond to them I would suggest discussing their comments in a respectful manner. If they have some harsh criticisms discuss how you can improve and what their advi

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