1. Dubfire Sets a New Record!

    Dubfire set a new record for longest solo performance ever at Sunwaves Festival in Romania. He performed for 26 hours and 30 minutes at the 24th edition, known for their endurance performances. The record was previously held by Marco Carola who played for 24 hours.

    Another incredible record we cannot forget was set by tINI and Bill Patrick who performed back to back at the Romanian festival for a total of 31 hours.

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  2. Fatboy Slim at the i360!

    DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim will take up residence in Brighton once again this year, but in a slightly smaller venue than what we are used to seeing him in! The i360 has wonderful views of the surrounding Brighton area and this will be the first DJ to have played on it. Tickets went on sale Thursday 26th July, and sold out in just 60 seconds. So there are 120 lucky ticket holders that will be dancing in the sunset to Brighton’s best-known chart-topper, 450ft above the city. But wait what about th rest of us? Well the event will be produced and broadcast live to millions of fans by French livestreaming platform Cercle, via their Facebook Live. So, if you weren't lucky enough to get your own ticket why not watch it live instead? Tune in Monday 30th July from 8pm. NB: The music will only be able to be heard from inside the pod, no music will be heard from the beach or surrounding areas, so please do not arrive unless you have a ticket.

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  3. Tomorrowland 2018

    Tomorrowland takes on a whole new theme this year, with the circus themed celebration last year this year’s aquatic theme seems like another world away but as always it’s sure to be a memorable event. Running across two weekends from the 20th to the 22nd and the 27th to the 29th of July in Boom, Belgium. The festival has released many details about the concept which includes a video.

    The story of Planaxis is based around the conservation of our oceans and the creators mentioned that the festival is an immersive experience where the audience can discover how beautiful our oceans are. The creators also announced the stage splits for 2018, with such a big festival it can be hard to get your head around it so its worth checking out the stage breakdown but to just mention a few, the mainstage will host acts such as Carl Cox, Alison Wonderland, Alan Walker and many others.

    The Paradise stage features acts such as Detlef, Jamie Jo

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  4. Love Supreme Jazz Festival!

    Love Supreme is a Jazz Festival, although not just for Jazz lovers. It’s a 3 day event held on the first weekend of July at Glynde Place in the South Downs of East Sussex. Love Supreme is a very popular Jazz Festival within Europe; launched in July 2013 it has hosted artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, Jamie Cullen, Grace Jones, Steve Winwood and many more.

    Created by former Universal record executive Ciro Romano who felt there was a gap in the business for a festival that celebrated Jazz, soul and funk. Although has stated it’s not just about jazz and that the festival is about high quality music.

    For those not familiar with the festival it has 4 stages, the main stage where their headliners perform and more contemporary artists, the big top where international and UK jazz artists perform, the arena which hosts younger performers and finally the bandstand which has the best jazz in East Sussex and Brighton hosted but the Verdict Jazz Club and Bands and Voices whi

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  5. The Brand New Pioneer DDJ-400, Ideal for Beginners!

    Introducing the brand new Pioneer DDJ-400, perfect for bedroom djs. Master the basics with this controller, designed for first time djs, its controls allows you to learn the basics easily. It’s packed with features that will help you advance your skills, compatible with the new tutorial feature in rekordbox dj, which is ideal for newbie’s as it will take you through the basic equipment operation step by step.

    The DDJ-400 has a lightweight and portable design, enabling you to take it wherever you go whether that’s to practice with friends or impress at a house party. The great thing about the DDJ-400 is that it does not limit you to amateur performances; it inherits traits from Pioneer’s professional range. Some of these traits include cue buttons; beat FX, CDJ-style lopping controls and so much more which comes from their NXS2 set up.

    Some of the key features of the DDJ-400 include;

    A club-style layout – The layout is the same as their club standard CDJ-2000N

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  6. YouTube Music is now available in the UK!

    YouTube Premium and YouTube Music is now officially available in the UK, after announcing that they were expanding their music services we were very curious how it would be received. YouTube offered music via videos previous but users now have the option to pay a fee per month which gives access to official albums, singles, live performance, remixes and other YouTube exclusives.

    You will also get personalized recommendations and thousands of playlists for different activities, genres and moods much like Spotify. If users would prefer not to pay then they can access an ad-supported version of YouTube music which is free to use.

    If you’re interested in having ad free content and download then you can pay £9.99 a month for YouTube Music Premium. You can get more info about the new launch here.

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  7. Is DJing Finally on the Curriculum?

    With more and more kids wanting to give DJing a try and bringing light to the art, examination boards across the UK have taken notice and it is now considered an important choice within secondary education and now counts towards a student’s Music GCSE in the UK.

    For many who have grown up not really knowing where to begin with the music industry and more specifically DJing this is a big step into supporting DJing as a career choice and an art form. This recent news has come from the BBC who has stated that due to turntables, CDJS and other gear now being classed as formal instruments by exam boards Djing is now a recognized choice for students within GCSE Music.

     It is no secret that the choice of GCSE’s within schools can be limited especially when considering the arts, which has been scrutinized as not being a ‘realistic’ career choice many times. Although GCSE Music is available to students this is very limited to the more traditional styles of music and instrumen

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  8. Introducing Gearooz60!

    The year feels like its flying by and with the end of March we are launching a brand new feature on our official Gearooz YouTube page, Gearooz60 will be a monthly round up of everything that happened from DJ & Music news to product launches and reviews.

    This new feature will help customers and music enthusiasts alike keep up to date with everything related not only to Gearooz but to the music industry in general. Our short monthly videos will be a quick and easy way to access information on the latest products on the market as well as important news.

    We have officially released our first Gearooz60 which looks over the month of March with news on the Pro Mobile Awards and new launches such as the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3, HK Audio and the RCF EVOX8 in white.

    We’re looking forward to producing new and improved content for you and with the exciting months ahead for the industry we can’t wait to bring you a new Gearooz60 video every month!


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  9. Music Management Scam: Musicians lose thousands.

    News as come fourth about a music company ‘scam’ which has left artists thousands of pounds out of pocket. From what we know management firm Band Management Universal (BMU) has offered services such as marketing, gigs and tours as well as promising artists to help secure them a recording contract but all for a massive charge, with some being up to £4,000.

    As of yet BMU, who are registered in Farringdon, London are yet to confirm or deny anything and could not be reached for comment. The company has shut down its website along with their email accounts and phones.

    One of the victims of the scam is singer Sarah Kaloczi, who paid £2,000 to BMU with the promise of being provided with services such as the ones stated above. After BMU failed to provide any of these services or a refund to Sarah and many others the company became harder and harder to contact.

    Many have said they spend hours on the phone to the head of BMU but never met with h

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  10. IKEA releases a sneak peak of their new DJ equipment range with Teenage Engineering!

    We’ve spoken briefly about the renowned Swedish brand IKEA and how their DIY furniture is a great way to build your very own DJ booth but the brand has just recently announced they have teamed up with Teenage Engineering to make their new line of DJ equipment ranging from a vinyl player, turntables, party lighting and in their words ‘everything you need to throw a good party’.

    Now we are aware that this is not a full line of professional DJ equipment but its definitely a fun new addition to the brand and for those who love to throw a party or want to get into music then the collection may be for you.

    The brands have expressed that their idea came from the spontaneity of the younger generation and how they wanted to create products that you can grab and go. The idea of gathering with friends and bringing the party wherever you go is one they wanted to work on.

    The collection will be available worldwide in February 2019, we have a little while

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