1. How To Get A Free Gig!

    If you’re relatively new to the music industry and gigging then doing free gigs is definitely worth your time, it’s a great way to gain experience but it can also have a bunch of other benefits. Practicing is key to growing in the industry and doing free gigs is the perfect place to practice stage presence, communication with the audience and getting used to being on stage.

    Being so new to the business means you probably won’t get a paid gig for a little while, at least until your skills improve along with your experience. But don’t be disheartened getting a gig even if it’s free is an enormous step in the right direction so if its right for you don’t turn it down. Putting effort and time into a performance when you’re not being paid shows determination and passion.

    There are so many opportunities to get free gigs, from open mic nights to small pubs and bars in your local area. Any pub owner would be happy to have a free performance as long as you show your serious a

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  2. A Guide to the Best Ibiza Parties 2018!

    With summer holidays in full swing we wanted to give you a guide to the best Ibiza parties, for those who are regulars to the island every summer this may help you priorities the events you are yet to experience in Ibiza. And for newcomers the island is crazy during this season so picking the best parties to attend is vital to having a great summer. Here are some of the most popular events that we think you’ll love.

    MK & Friends Area 10 Pool Party, located at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Starting July 9th you can join MK amongst other names poolside for some amazing music, every Monday until August 6th. Everyone loves a pool party during summer and what better way to experience one.

    Together at Amnesia, one of the most famous clubs on the island which never disappoints with incredible parties every year. After seven seasons on the island, Together announce their return to Amnesia. Starting June 5th and coming to a close on the September 18

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  3. How To: Secure A Gig

    If you’re looking to secure some more gigs then there’s no better place than on a night out. Even if you’re just enjoying a weekend out with some friends you always want to be on your game if an opportunity arises, you don’t want to lose out to someone else who so happened to have their mix track on them. We wanted to offer some tips to getting work whilst at the club.

    Firstly, always have your work to hand. Remember to bring along your tracks whether on a disc or USB, you never know when you may get the opportunity to show it to a promoter. Although you may not get a gig out of it immediately word of mouth can be a powerful thing and will at least get people listening to your sound which will result in gigs eventually.

    You want to get to know others within the industry, even if you feel you won’t connect on a friendship level its always important to have contacts. Make the effort, but don’t go pushing it on anyone as it will not get you work. Working with other DJ’s

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  4. Toronto Could Become Home To World's Largest Nightclub

    The world's largest nightclub, with a capacity to hold more than 15,000 people could be opening in Toronto.

    Company Powerhouse Corp, which owns an existing club named REBEL has applied for a new operating licence that would allow the current venue to expand its capacity to 7,584 people inside and another 7,971 allowed on its outside patios. The company is also hoping to lift the strict regulations placed on its existing license, following excessive noise complaints from local residents in 2006.

    Currently the club’s capacity is limited to 3,163 people indoors and 2,510 outside.

    Recently Toronto councillor Paula Fletcher made the announcement that she'll be pushing to implement a campaign requiring electronic music festivals to have medics on-site, to be paid for by promoters.

    Residents and other businesses in the area have voiced concerns regarding noise, parking and security if the new development is to go ahead. Locals are also pointing ou

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  5. Vivienne Westwood To Host Themed Clubnight At Fabric

     Iconic British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is teaming up with London nightclub Fabric to host Mad Max themed club night with music from A Guy Called Gerald.

    The night, titled Switch will be based around Westwood's Climate Revolution charity and is advertises as “an exclusive night in aid of climate change”.  

    Alongside guest DJ sets, there will also be a speech from Westwood at the event and a talk from the green energy founder of Ecotricity, Dale Vince.

    The dress code for the event is stated on the poster as “Mad Max”. This is to represent the continuation of Westwood’s environmental activism and reflecting what she has incorporated into her latest designs. She has previously stated that switching to green energy is the “one truly political act you can make as an individual”.

    It hasn’t been long since Fabric reopened after a public battle over licensing regulations. Their opening eveni

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