The Pacemaker app is back with its second version which allows users to share mixtapes made up of songs on Spotify and share them with friends. 

The program, which originally launched back in 2014, contains an automatic beat-matching function, enabling users to create seamless mixes which they can then share with others. It also allows DJs to stream songs from Spotify and be creative with their mixes.

The company has also introduced a new digital mixtape which includes a new feature in the second version of app that enables users to use its beat-matching capabilities.

Pacemaker will also recommend display a list of other mixes on the home screen using an algorithm that is based on who users follow and what they've previously liked. It has also added social elements through the application that let users scroll through their home feed and comment, like and even remix a friend’s digital mixtape.

The app is a quick, simple and effective way fo

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