1. Novopro Foldable DJ Booth!

    The SDX V2 foldable DJ booth has been expertly designed and engineered by working performers to be the most efficient and versatile entertainment booth available. With a durable, powder coated steel finish with solid welded construction points the booth can handle all kinds of environments, perfect for musicians on the go.

    The booth is adjustable in height due to its innovative design, meaning you can customize it to fully fit with your needs. This folding version allows you to set up the booth quick and easily, ideal for those who prefer a hassle free system. The package includes a pair of Novopro podium shelves along with two free zipped carry bags for safe transportation, making this unit suitable for mobile DJ’s.

    Compared to alternative options the adjustability of the booth makes it much more practical, the whole unit can be customized in width and side panel angles with the unique sliding shelf support system which maintains a stable platform. Two rugged, carpe

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  2. Novopro XL & XXL Height Adjustable Podium Stands!

    Gearooz are excited to be able to offer our customers a range of Novopro products, the first being the High Adjustable Podium Plinth Stands. The Novopro PS1XL which is also the winner of the Pro Mobile ‘new accessory of the year” award is a unique and innovate podium stand.

    With adjustable heights the XL is the perfect display for moving heads, lighting FX, speakers and monitors. The design of these stands make for effortless assembly, with no tools needed the set up is quick and easy.

    You can use these for a temporary or permanent set up; with maximum stability even at its top height of 1750mm/68.8 inches these stands are the perfect installment in anyone’s kit. Some of the key features included are two sets of scrims (black and white), unique spring loaded turn and lock catches, 35mm Ø pole mount speaker adaptor for the top plate as well as storage bags amongst so many other amazing features. Yo

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  3. The DAS Audio Altea Series, Available Now!

    We are excited to offer a new range of speakers to our customers, new to Gearooz the DAS Audio Altea speakers are a range of active PA speakers designed to deliver an exceptional performance. We have a few different models in stock one begin the Altea 715A, a high powered model from DAS Audio. The 715A is equipped with a 1500 Wpeak Class D two channel amplifier that provided extended bandwidth, wide dynamic range and exceptionally low distortion.

    The DAScontrol interface allows users to configure voicing presets, input/output levels, EQ models, delay and source mixing by way of a high end 24 bit quality DSP and LCD screen on the rear of the cabinet. Another great feature includes a monitoring APP DASlink of the Altea 700 series powered systems allows users to wirelessly stream music from mobile devices in high definition stereo. The system also provides accurate low frequency reproduction with a deep powerful bass.  

    Some over models we offer are the 415A and the 412

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  4. Take a look at our new Gemini WRX-843 Speaker Package!

    The Gemini WRX-843 Powered Column Array PA Speaker System Stands are and impressive piece of equipment featuring a multi voltage compatibly, its surprisingly lightweight build means its great for touring and mobile DJs will find it easy to transport from gig to gig. The unit can be added to professional kits all over the world making it a versatile product all round.

     Its durable design means you won’t have to worry about wear and tear or damage during heavy use or travel. Whether you’re in need of a system for indoor or outdoor use the WRX-843 will provide power and high quality performance anywhere. If your set up is slightly smaller and you’re looking for a single speaker, then we offer this system on its own as well as in a set.

     If your interested in the new Gemini WRX-843 is a package or individually then head over to, where yo

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  5. One for the aspiring musicians, complete Ashton guitar kits!

    Ashton are renowned for their excellent guitars, with a sturdy build, beautiful finishes and smooth playability these are the ideal guitars for an aspiring musician looking for a beginner’s instrument.

     We have a variety of different Ashton guitars however for the complete beginners set up we offer packages which come with an Ashton guitar with an Ashton amp, bag and strap. Perfect for anyone who is starting with nothing and are looking for their guitar, these packages have it all for you in one place.

     A particularly stunning guitar is the Ashton AB4, with smooth sound and fast feel beneath your fingers this is a beautiful piece which is ready to play. The Ashton BPA18 is a powerful yet compact amp, perfect for entry level performers. The BPA18 delivers rich tones, however is also equipped with a headphone output for those who want silent practice, ideal for bedroom musicians.

     Whatever your style the Ashton BPA18 is a versatile product,

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  6. The perfect in-between systems, The FBT X Series!

    Renowned for their high quality products FBT continues to deliver outstanding equipment for djs and performers, and the latest addition to the brand does not break the trend. The X Series is the perfect product to fill the gap between the higher end professional models and the more affordable PA. The X Series is designed to provide incredible audio sound quality without breaking the bank.

     This series sits at the middle range level, giving you the best of both with great sound at a lower price. Each model comes with all the features need for a complete system, the series is a user friendly, budget pro sound system. The X-lite has strong metal construction with nylon connecting parts as well as scratch resistant power coating which helps with possible damage on the road. Also included is a durable carry bag with internal divider and straps, the X-Lite is ideal for mobile djs as its folds flat which makes transport very easy.

     The range is now available to pu

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  7. Check out our range of Ibiza Sound products!

    We are excited to offer you a whole new range of Ibiza products, from LED stands to speakers Ibiza bring an exciting energy to DJ products which have proven to be very popular. Here at Gearooz we particularly enjoy the LED Changing Speaker Tripod Package, the 3 legs contain RGB LED lighting effects that will bring something different to your staging. These eye catching accessories switch things up from your typical black tripod stands, and they are definitely going to draw in a crowd.

     If your looking to draw attention to the stage the Ibiza Sound products are a perfect addition, our Active DJ Speaker Package will illuminate the stage. Connect your SD card or USB stick and let the audience listen to your music through these light up subwoofers. With two passive speakers, stands and a mic

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  8. Check out our range of Speaker Packages!

    Here at Gearooz we know how frustrating it can be finding the right speakers and corresponding equipment to go with them, with so many different speakers, stands and wires is can be difficult knowing which ones to purchase especially if you’re a beginner.

     To help you we have gathered all of our great speaker packages in one place so that you can purchase everything you need for great sound all in one package. If you need any extra help figuring out which one will best fit your music and skill level, you can always contact us through our live char where we are happy to help.

     Once you have decided which system suits you best you can go ahead and purchase one of our available packages online, no need to worry about stands or wires as most of our packages come fully equipped.

     You can find all of our packages here. Don'

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  9. High Quality Sound Reinforcement! - The Citronic Monolith Speakers

    This high quality sound reinforcement system compromises of an active 12” subwoofer and a 6x3” satellite column speaker. The cabinets are made from 15mm MDF and coated in a hard wearing textured coating with integral carrying handle for the sub cabinet. The column links to the sub via a Speakon connector and mounts on the top with the supplied telescopic pole.

     The clean and understated look provides a minimal profile which will fit nicely within anyone’s set up, whilst still delivering powerful and high quality sound projections. Ideal for all types of performers, DJ’s and events.

     Overall this is a great package, its heavy duty construction and finish makes for a durable system which will last. Its compact format with high power output means travel and transport isn’t a problem and the system will still provide powerful sound no matter the size.

     If your interested in the Citronic Monolith you can place your orde

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  10. From Peavey comes the complete microphone and accessories package.

    A complete set from Peavey including a microphone and accessories to get you started. Designed for musicians on the go this package features the essential items needed for stage a rehearsal setup, all in a protective gig bag. The PV MSP1 features Peavey’s performance-ready dynamic cardioid microphone, which can be switched off when not in use, as well as a fully adjustable, tripod style boom stand that works equally well with vocals, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, drums or any other instruments.

     Also included is an XLR-to-XLR or XLR-to-1/4” cable, a mic stand clip and a protective nylon mic bag, allowing artists to transport their entire set up safety and efficiently from rehearsal to the stage.

     This package is at a great price and well worth the money, if you are looking to purse a career or hobby within the musical industry or if you’re a performer or singer a microphone and the correct accessories are essential.

     Head over

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