1. Just Added! The Bias Distortion Pedal

    Gearooz is proud to offer one of the most versatile effects pedals ever built. You will now be able to emulate any other distortion pedal through its amazing Tone Match technology, as well as the ability to copy your favourite distortion pedals and save them as one of the three available presets or download or upload from ToneCloud.  Artists can try out and share their own custom effects settings through the use of the Bias Pedal mobile and desktop app.

     The Bias Distortion Pro is a distortion/overdrive pedal that will give you the best analog sounding distortion tone with cutting edge technology. You will have ultimate creativity as this allows you to virtually design your own distortion pedal, in ways that were not possible via Bias Pedal mobile and desktop app.

     With so much customisation this product if perfect for those wanting to create a unique sound that matches their style. You can easily design and modify your pedal at a highly detailed level

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  2. Palmer Pedal Boards

    Gearooz proudly presents Palmers Pedalbay Pedal boards. These pedal boards provide a perfect solution and are designed to store all commercially available floor-effects pedals enabling the user to have a quick and easy set-up.

    These universal pedal boards are made of powder-coated aluminium, and the cross bars as well as the height and tilt of the pedal board can be changed and individually adjusted to suit the user’s needs and make room for those bulky shaped pedals and complex cable runs.  They are also covered with Velcro and have a large amount of hook straps included to ensure safe and secure transportation.

    The sloped surface of these boards enable users to step on the footswitch on the back row of effects, the rear feet are adjustable in height, suit any surface, and are movable for the perfect and optimum tilt angle, this guarantees a firm foothold at any inclination.

    The lightweight pedal board allows installation of all power supplies and

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