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  1. The Brand New Pioneer DDJ-400, Ideal for Beginners!

    Introducing the brand new Pioneer DDJ-400, perfect for bedroom djs. Master the basics with this controller, designed for first time djs, its controls allows you to learn the basics easily. It’s packed with features that will help you advance your skills, compatible with the new tutorial feature in rekordbox dj, which is ideal for newbie’s as it will take you through the basic equipment operation step by step.

    The DDJ-400 has a lightweight and portable design, enabling you to take it wherever you go whether that’s to practice with friends or impress at a house party. The great thing about the DDJ-400 is that it does not limit you to amateur performances; it inherits traits from Pioneer’s professional range. Some of these traits include cue buttons; beat FX, CDJ-style lopping controls and so much more which comes from their NXS2 set up.

    Some of the key features of the DDJ-400 include;

    A club-style layout – The layout is the same as their club standard CDJ-2000N

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  2. Brand New Feature: Top 5

    There’s a brand new feature on our Youtube channel where we give a little insight on the products we love! This week we’re taking a look at Pioneer DJ Controllers designed for Rekordbox.

    As I’m sure you’re all aware Rekordbox is Pioneer DJ’s analysis, preparation and management software which was released back in 2013. It allows you to prepare your tracks at home so you can perform much more creative mixes and focus more on your actual set.

    We’re going to count down our Top 5 controllers which have been specifically designed for the software.

    Number 5 - DDJ-RX

    One of the first native controllers for rekordbox and it’s still one of the best out there. Building on the well-received SX model, the DDJ-RX was released with a smaller price tag than its more advanced brother the DDJ-RZ whilst maintaining that professional feel and great build quality you expect from Pioneer DJ. Its CDJ-esque design maps the layout of rekordbox from your laptop giving you the

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  3. A Guide to Different DJ Setups.

    Once upon a time DJ set ups were simple and easy, the only thing you really needed were turntables. Nowadays there are a variety of different set ups which can become overwhelming, with the addition of software for your laptop, CD decks, digital vinyl and apps amongst many other variations of equipment your choices are endless and for beginners you can get confused very easily.

    We have created guides on all sorts of equipment from DJ controllers for beginners to choosing the right microphone but before purchasing any equipment its important to know which setup you’re going for. We hope this guide on different DJ setups will help you make the right choice.

    We advise you to find out which setup best suits your needs. The price of equipment can become very expensive so its best to know exactly what you need to avoid spending money on unnecessary products.

    Let’s start with the

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  4. DJ Controllers: Beginners

    Shopping for your first DJ controller can be difficult, especially with the advances of technology making the range of controllers available wider than ever. Nowadays DJ equipment is more convenient and versatile and for those who are just starting this has its pro and cons. In a world full of ‘all-in-one’ DJ tools it can be daunting knowing which is really the right one for a beginner.

    Hopefully our recommendations will narrow the selection down, making it easier to decide on one. However, first things first, if you are starting from the very beginning you may not know exactly what a DJ controller is and what its used for.

    A DJ controller is an external device which you can connect to your computer or laptop to create your typical DJ set up. With this you can scratch, mix, create effects and use your music library which is set up on your chosen device. Thankfully technology has moved forward immensely now allowing us to combine elements such as turntable

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  5. New and improved, The Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Controller!

    The extremely popular Pioneer Serato DJ controller has been upgraded to bring you the 2-channel DDJ-SB3, designed with everyone in mind the controller offers an intuitive interface for beginners enabling them to create professional standard work and improve their skills.

    The original DDJ-SB2 gained a strong reputation with most DJ’s, ranging from beginners to professionals. Its quality features along with its versatility and portability meant it was popular with all types of DJs. The brand new DDJ-SB3 has taken these original features and improved on them bringing DJs an even more intuitive interface, as well as taking inspiration from other top models in the DDJ-S series such as dedicated play, cue buttons and the independent auto loop button.

    Co-developed with DJ Jazzy Jeff there is now a Pad Scratch allowing you to reproduce scratches based on his own recordings by using the performance pads. Mixing is now easier than ever, the FX Fade allows you to create s

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  6. Check out our headphones of choice!

    Headphones are an important part of any Djs set up, when your looking for the best the Denon Dj HP1100 headphones are a great choice, at a great price. With the largest drivers in their class at 53mm, the Denon headphones deliver unbeatable bass response and impact. They can also handle an impressive 3500mW of power, making this ideal for all nighters. Their 180-degree swivel and dual pivot ear cup design give you ultimate comfort and with a convenient folding design you can taken them with you wherever your music takes you.

     Another amazing set of headphones are the Pioneer HRM-6, being the most expensive on the list these are definitely for those willing to splurge. Their design allows for accurate, neutral sound, delivering crystal clear frequencies. The bass reflex chambers improve airflow for impressive bass

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  7. The Pioneer CDJ350 is great for budding Djs!

    Pioneer has always been one of the top brands for Dj equipment and that’s not looking to change anytime soon. The entry level CDJ-350 is another fantastic piece to come from Pioneer, taking many of the features from Pioneers pro DJ decks, making it ideal for budding Djs. With the ability to play from CDs and USB devices, or connect to your PC/Mac for plug and play control of compactible Dj software.

    Bundled with the Rekordbox music management software, you can prepare sets quickly whilst the Beat Lock feature makes mixing effortless. An incredible new features allows you to create and edit your playlists right on the play, which Is much more efficient for a busy producer.

    Some other built in features include beat display, making scratching and looping easier and much more enjoyable. BPM Lock allows you to set a master deck and the other decks will match that tempo, also included are trigger loops and USB playback.

    Head over to

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  8. Available soon, Pre-order the Pioneer RB-DMX1 Lighting Adaptor!

    Perform intuitive lighting patterns designed in the Rekordbox DJ on all DMX512 support lighting fixtures using our RB-DMX1 dedicated interface. With the new lighting adaptor, you can easily sync lights and music, creating multiple configurations in lighting mode using this converter to quickly interface your PC or MAC to DMX fixtures from a range of manufacturers.

     You can customise the designs to fit your style and event, whatever the size and theme of your event you can reconfigure the designs to suit you. You can also use automatically generated illuminations created by an algorithm that detects the phrases in tracks, or seamlessly customise the patterns to your personal preference. Complete with a license key for our DJ performance software, Rekordbox DJ, you can sync lighting sequences straight out of the box.

     Some of the key features include a robust and compact chassis. You can take the adaptor on the road, its portable yet durable in its seamless a

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  9. Latest News, Pioneer DJ takes on Lighting Control!

    After the release of the Rekordbox today (18th January 2018), Pioneer DJ has announced that the next version of its music management application, rekordbox will be available on the 20th of February 2018. This latest software will bring exciting new features to Rekordbox DJ including lighting mode, which allows DJs to easily sync lights with their music during a performance.

     Using the advanced phrase analysis algorithm in Rekordbox (ver 5.1 or later), lighting mode automatically creates interesting lighting sequences in sync with the tracks in the Rekordbox library, which will allow you to spend more time on stage and less time preparing for your performance.

     The information generated in lighting mode can be sent to any of your lighting fixtures that supports DMX512 via the RB-DMX1, a new DMX interface. With the lighting mode and the RB-DMX1 interface users will

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  10. The Brand New Pioneer DDJ-100 Channel Rekordbox Controller!

    The DDJ-1000 is the latest addition to Pioneers show stopping controllers, it’s the perfect solution for performers who play at large events and party venues. Its easy portability and brand new user interface, which is similar to the multi player/DJM club-standard set up means this controller is ideal for mobile DJ’s and producers constantly on the go. 

    The DDJ-1000 is a professional fully equipped controller which features full size jog wheels inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS2 with added on jog display so you can keep and eye on the important track information without looking at your laptop. 

    Take your creativity to the next level with the 14

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