DJ software specialists Serato have recently announced Serato Sample, a sampling plug-in that allows users to manipulate audio using hot cues.

Designed to bring speed and ease to a DJs workflow including digital audio workstation (DAW) environments where sound quality is of the upmost importance.

Serato Sample allows users to place up to 16 cue points in a track that you’ve loaded including songs, loops or samples. Users can then trigger cues in their DAW exactly how you would with Serato DJ. Alongside this, users can alter tempo and musical key giving users ultimate control over how audio is manipulated.

The Serato Sample layout is very similar to those who are currently using Serato DJ and the platform features its signature coloured waveforms and cut point system.

It supports Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X and Maschine, and Serato have confirmed it will work alongside other DAWS.

Users can sign up for a public beta and try it ou

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