Twister is a legendary product with a heritage to match. Known for its iconic disco lighting, the Twister 5 redefines what a twister stands for and builds on the foundation built by its predecessor. The Twister 5 is the latest addition to the series, this product takes all of the classic features from the original whilst added new ones such as incredible LED and digital menu display.

 The Twister creates fantastic lighting displays and each unit has quad sound light capabilities, making this ideal for those looking for extra creativity as users can now connect one Twister to three others for the ultimate interactive light show. Whilst the Twister carries immense power and clarity it is still kept lightweight so users can transport the unit easily and efficiently, perfect for mobile DJs. It also come equipped with a 10-year lamp light which is a must for any mobile Djs kit.

 The Twister 5 is now available for Pre-order, head over to

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