1. How to Handle Constructive Criticism

    We’ve spoken a lot about negative feedback and those who are unnecessarily causing trouble for your career, but something we haven’t touched on as much is how to deal with constructive criticism. Although it’s easy to let emotions get the best of you there are many things you can learn from these criticisms, turn them into a positive and use them to grow as a musician.

    There are some critics who are out to simply have an opinion and do not care how it may affect the artist but most are simply trying to give guidance in the hope it will help. So here are a few things you can do to change your outlook on constructive criticism and use it to your advantage.

    Firstly you need to filter your feedback, which ones are simply trolls of the internet and which ones are worth your time. Comments and reviews are found all over the internet, not just from published critics but from fans on social media. It’s pretty easy to figure out who has taken the time to listen and review you

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  2. Reasons your Music Career may NOT be Progressing

    Working in the music industry is a tough job to uphold and there are plenty of explains of people who have pressed pause on their career but what do you do when you feel like your career just isn’t going anywhere. There may be a few reasons why your music has come to a stop and hopefully identifying when you’ve gone wrong will help you get back on track.

    The music scene is constantly expanding and new talent is always coming through so it’s important to continue to make those connections and build on your industry relationships. If you find that you haven’t had a job offer in a while or you haven’t been invited to any recent events it may be because you’ve been slacking when it comes to networking. It’s important to remember that making those few connections when you first started your career won’t cut it; you need to stay updated with new people within the industry and those who will benefit you in the long run. If you see a newbie who has some serious tale

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