1. Protecting your gear: a step by step guide.

    We all know how easy it is for DJ equipment to get damaged, stolen or lost and the most likely place for that to happen is in the DJ booth, ironically the place you want to be the most. There’s all sorts of things that could go wrong, between audience members wanting to come into the booth and those who use your booth as a bar for their drinks you need to be prepared for it all.

    Here’s a quick guide to help you protect your gear.

    This may be one of the more obvious ones but you would be surprised at how many DJs carry around their kit unprotected. Get yourself a quality gigbag, this ensures that your equipment will not get scratched or damaged on your way to your gig. You can get all sorts of kit bags, many with the ability to hold your laptop, controller and other accessories all in one place.

    Checking out the venue before your gig is a great way to prepare for your setup. The last thing you need is to turn up to a job without a proper booth, you

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  2. Protect your equipment with our range of Decksaver covers!

    For performers your equipment is everything, you’ve invested time and money into your collection so when it comes to protection you need something that will put a solid barrier between dust, liquids and other intrusions. We all know that with a fully accessible booth comes those who like to mess with your settings after sound check, these simple yet durable gear protection decksavers are designed to be tough and reliable for your Dj equipment.

     We stock a whole range of protective covers, made from polycarbonate material a tough transparent plastic that can ensure all types of scenarios. Shields faders and controls from all sorts of damaging elements commonly found at gigs whilst accommodating cables. We highly recommend this range to give your investment safe.

     You can shop the range at, you can find all types of covers for different pieces of equipm

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  3. Protect your set up with our range of bags, stands and cases!

    At Gearooz we offer a range of protective bags and stands to keep your investment safe. Whether you are shopping for a case to protect your guitarcontrollerkeyboard or lighting fixture we will have something for you.

     There are a wide range of gig bags and cases available for your products, we have specially designed cases to fit your item perfectly to prevent damage. We also offer bags that fit multiple items such as par cans to make transport

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  4. Protect your guitar with the Bohemian Case

    We recently spoken about the Bohemian Oil Can Guitar and now we are bringing you the specifically designed Bohemian Guitar case to protect your new instrument. This is perfect for any of your Bohemian Guitars and with this custom hard case its sure to be safe on the road and between gigs.

     The case has Brown Leatherette Exterior, Gold Piping and a Black plush interior. Some other features include an Internal Accessory Compartment, a Heavy Duty Zip, Flexible comfort carry handles and the signature Bohemian logo.

     If you are looking to purchase a Bohemian Guitar and a case don’t forget to check out all the colour options we have on offer, we are happy to help with any questions you may have. All of our Bohemian Guitars and cases are available to order online at

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  5. Protect your Deck - Decksaver Cover

    Protect your investment! With the Desksaver Pioneer Protective Clear Cover, a durable and reliable protection for your dear. Decksaver produce great quality covers for your DJ equipment, as well as keeping your set up looking clean and cool.

     To keep your set safe from those wanting to mess with your settings or to prevent from damage the Decksaver covers will put a solid barrier between such intrusions. Designed and engineered specifically for the Pioneer XDJ RX2 and manufactured from polycarbonate, a tough transparent plastic created to our customer’s standards.

    Shields faders and controls from dust, liquids and other damaging elements whilst accommodating cables. Gearooz highly recommend this product, at such a great price this small purchase could save you a fortune. Interested in picking one up for yourself head over to

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  6. A Must Have, for your controller! - The Pioneer DJCSC3 Gig Bag

    Pioneer has been a recognised brand for its quality and service for the last two decades and have re-launched as Pioneer Dj Corporation, its main focus being to bring their customers the best products in the business. Putting the needs of Djs, clubs and the dance music community first, you can be sure that their products are designed with you in mind.

     One product in particular, many overlook but is a vital part of your collection. Gig bags, more specifically the Dj controller bag from Pioneer, keeping your investments safe and secure on the road. The Pioneer Soft Gig Bag for XDJR1 Controller is the perfect size to fit the XDJ-R1. The DJC-SC3 has protective cushions to prevent damages from vibrations and shocks making this ideal for mobile performers. Transport your laptop safely along with your other equipment, as well as your headphones, cables, tablet devices and more in two pockets on the front of the bag.

     This is a versatile bag and can be carried in

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  7. LEDj Speaker Tripod Cover - The Perfect Solution

    Tired of trying to hide all your untidy cables and stands? Want to make your set up look clean and professional? This LEDj double sided speaker tripod cover is the perfect solution. With a simple and modern design, you can cover anything whilst keeping a stylish set up. If you want to take it further and really attract a crowd to the stage, then these can also be used for rear illumination of effects and lasers.

     Gearooz offer multiple covers for all budgets you can also purchase a one sided cover for your tripod at a lesser price. I highly recommend these covers, they are machine washable making them hassle free and with the ability to simply fold them up, taking up no space at all they are easily transported, great for mobile performers. 

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  8. Protecting Your Investment

    Carrying your tracks, decks and stands around the world?

    Here at Gearooz we stock a wide and various selections of covers, cases and carriers to help protect your equipment.

    It is important to protect your gear whilst on-the-go and when safely behind your DJ booth. A DJ needs to make sure they protect their possessions during and after the gig, as there are many hazards of playing surrounding a DJ whether that is at a concert, wedding reception or nightclub. We have some great products to ensure your DJ kit comes home safely and ready to play your next show.

    It is ideal to have your equipment elevated away from the table.  Our range of laptop stands save space in your booth, give you quick and easy access to your DJ controllers and they keep your kit safely out of reach from drink spillages or other threats.

    Gearooz have a wide range

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