With 2017 coming to an end we are looking back at a successful year of touring, artists and bands from all over have taken to the road to show audiences what they’ve got! It’s been a fantastic year for music and we’ve seen so many new artists gain the recognition they deserve. And we know that hiring a vehicle for a tour is an essential part of this and unfortunately we know that it isn’t always as easy as we hope, so we’d like you to have your say.

 We've created a feedback form that we would like you to complete. We would like to gather a summary of all the tours that have happened this year. As a provider of our own band vans this will help us improve our service in the future as well as hopefully improving the companies that did not give you the service you required.

 By simply taking part and completing the survey, we will credit you £100 into your account for your next van hire with us, more information on this will

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