1. 10 Social Media Ideas if you're Struggling for Content

    Keeping up with social media as a musician is an important part of promotion and marketing but it’s a lot easier said than done. What do you do when you’ve run out of ideas or you’re having a bad month when it comes to producing music but still want to engage with your audience. It can quickly become stressful when you’ve got the pressure of posting on your shoulders, especially if you’re seeing other artists gaining a big following.

    But it’s not all about posting all day every day, there is a balance and it’s something you have to work on but to help you get back on track with your online content here are a few ideas to prompt engagement.

    -          Behind the scenes is something audiences love to see. They want to be able to have a look into the process of making music and to see what it might take to produce a song. Share a minute of two of you creating some music or simply playing around with lyrics. To prompt engagements ask for some feedback or advice from your

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  2. How to Plan your Recording Sessions

    Bedroom DJ’s are gaining popularity with the rise of social media and online technology but there’s nothing quite like the studio environment with professional equipment and the perfect acoustics. Although studio time can become costly if you’re well prepared and plan your time it can be well worth the money. If you’re new to recording studios it can be overwhelming and you can end up spending more time figuring it all out than actually recording so planning the process is a must.

    Before anything you will want to know your budget, as mentioned studios can be expensive so figuring out just how much you’re willing to spend will save any disappointment. Pricing will determine aspects such as session time and what equipment you can use. You do not need to spend a fortune on your session to gain a good recording; the important thing is to get the most out of your time.

    Once you’ve determined your budget you will need to think about what you want to get out of your session

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  3. Things to Look out for When Signing to a Record Label

    If you’re reading this then you’ve probably just been offered a record deal, congratulations. But as much of an accomplishment it is there are a few things to consider first. It can be very overwhelming and you probably just want to sign the deal before it’s given to someone else but trust me you need to do some research. There are many pros and cons to signing a recording deal, many of which we’ve covered on the blog but if you’re set on being a part of a recording company then it’s important to go over the details and then go over then again.

    If you’re new to the whole process then you may not be aware of some of the things to look out for. Hopefully we can help you so you can stay out of any tricky situations that come with a dodgy deal.

    As with any deal or mutual agreement you need everything in writing. If you find that the parties involved are not willing to write it down then chances are they will not come through with their side of the deal. For many differen

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  4. Dubfire Sets a New Record!

    Dubfire set a new record for longest solo performance ever at Sunwaves Festival in Romania. He performed for 26 hours and 30 minutes at the 24th edition, known for their endurance performances. The record was previously held by Marco Carola who played for 24 hours.

    Another incredible record we cannot forget was set by tINI and Bill Patrick who performed back to back at the Romanian festival for a total of 31 hours.

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  5. Tips for Recording your First Demo

    Recording your demo to send out to labels has been a topic we’ve spoken about a lot, the dos and don’ts, how to send it out and where to and how to cut the costs. But for those who haven’t had the experience of recording you probably need to learn a little bit before figuring out costs and eventually sending it out to the labels so today we are taking it back to the basics to give you tips on how to record your first demo.

    Choosing where to record has the ability to determine the quality of your demo, it’s not a huge issue but it’s something to think about. If you feel that you have the right equipment then there’s nothing wrong with recording from home as long as you understand how recording at home can affect your sound. If you have the budget I recommend you hire out some time at a studio, this gives you the ability to make the most of the professional equipment and better quality sound. It can be expensive but as mentioned in our cutting costs post if you use your time w

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  6. Places All Music Lovers Should Visit in the UK!

    The UK is rich with musical history and landmarks, from Abbey Road to the Cavern Club there’s so many places to visit that should definitely be on every music lovers bucket list. Whether you want to follow in your favorite artists footsteps or you need an instaworthy backdrop we’ve got a list of the best place to visit on your trip.

    First on the list has to be the iconic Abbey Road in London, for years Beatles fans have stopped off to capture the crossing and recreate that ever famous Beatles photo. Fans have left messages and words of wisdom on the surrounding walls of the crossing; it’s an incredible sight with a great atmosphere. Fans come together to celebrate the band and their music making it a must see on your list.

    There are some great tours and walkthroughs of London’s most famous spots, including the Marquee Club and a variety of iconic studios where artists recorded their music, an example being the Rolling Stones who recorded their first album in Tin Pan

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  7. Recording and Releasing Music: Cutting the Costs

    Before even thinking about sending off your music to a label or self releasing it you need to have it ready to go. Recording your music along with everything that comes after is a costly process but just how much you will have to spend and what you will have to spend it on can be confusing. So before taking the plunge have an idea of your budget and how much you can afford, if you’re unsure whether your budget is enough here are a few tips to help you keep the costs down.

    Recording costs depends on your situation, if you’re going to self release your music then the costs for recording will be down to you. Costs of recording is down to the time spend in the studio, to keep these to a minimum make sure you are prepared and ready to go with no distractions, you need to use all the time you have towards your music. If you end up messing around in a studio for days on end the bill with go sky high. If you’re a part of a label then the cost of recording will largely fall on them o

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  8. How To Send Your Music To A Record Label

    Getting your music to labels is a difficult task, record labels get thousands of demos so how can you get yours noticed. Ultimately you need a good track, so working hard and putting everything into your music should pay off but there are still a few things you can do to increase your chances.

    A good place to start is by doing your research, if you’re sending your demo out to every label then chances are they aren’t the right label for you. Make sure you know which labels would be interested in your music, look at artists similar to yourself it’s worth sending your demo to the same labels they are signed to.  Make sure before you send off your demos you understand certain policies. It’s easy to research your chosen labels to see their policies and if your demo qualifies.

    When you send in your demo keep in mind that the label has probably received thousands and do not have time to listen to 10 minute long demos no matter how good they

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  9. Music Industry Careers: How To Choose

    If you’re interested in joining the music industry the hardest part can be figuring out which path to take, there’s so many different areas within the business that it can be difficult to know which one is perfect for you. Hopefully with can help you narrow down your choices and find the ideal path to take. Once you’ve decided which one is the best fit make sure you look at our different how to guides to get you started in your chosen area.

    We’ve spoken a lot about being a freelance musician or DJ which we have many guides on; today we will be taking a deeper look into other industry careers.

    Firstly one of the most popular careers to take within the industry is within a record label; this could be starting your own or working for a label. The best thing about starting your own is your freedom to work with whoever you choose and you play a part in every aspect of making music, from choosing the artist to planning the marketing and to

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  10. The Ultimate Desktop Audio Interface for Professional Recording!

    Apogee Quartet is the ultimate desktop audio interface and studio control centre, its sleek, modern design makes it a perfect fit for your DJ set up.  Great for professional recording on Mac and IPad, this product is made for musicians, producers and engineers who are looking for the ultimate sound quality and studio control in a compact desktop form factor.

     When you buy and register your Apogee Quartet you unlock a wide range of incredible features, great prices on Waves audio plugins, as well as discount codes. You can also take advantage of Quartet’s low latency USB connection and powerful native Mac processing to join the ranks of top engineers and producers.

     You can count on Waves and Apogee to give you everything you need to deliver hit after hit.  Apogee offer a range of great products which enable you to produce the best content you can, head over to to

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