Pioneer have announced the expansion of their DJ controller Rekordbox range, with the arrival of two new controllers; DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR.

The DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are compact controllers with intuitive layouts, responsive illuminated jog wheels and tactile performance pads.

Both the DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR are the first controllers to come with Rekordbox DJ software and support PC Master Out. Supporting PC Master Out enables users to play master output through connected desktop monitors or internal computer speakers, whilst simultaneously using the controller for the users headphones.

These new two-channel controllers boast controls for the latest features and updates of Rekordbox 4.1.1 software. With Sequence Call included in the new Reokordbox software, these new Pioneer controllers have be designed to allow users to playback their own created and saved sample sequences.

The DDJ-RR features the new Sequence Load button, enabling users to uploa

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