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  1. When to Release your Music: A Guide to the Year

    Believe it or not there is a right time to release your music, and that isn’t simply when it’s finished. With each month of the year your music will have to fit into the themes and common trends to have the best chance of success. You may be thinking “how can I determine the best month in advance”, here is a breakdown of the year and where your music would fit into it.

    January is a slow start, everyone is still coming down from the holidays and chances are they aren’t going to be up to date with the latest releases. If you’re thinking of releasing music in January aim for the middle to end, audiences would have had a few weeks to get back into a routine and many people have a very positive and upbeat attitude. If you feel your music fits with the theme of a new year then it may be the month for you, January is all about energetic vibes and fresh starts, perfect if your music is aimed at keeping people motivated.

    February is another light month, people tend to have co

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  2. How to Self Release your Music

    After giving you a few tips for sending out your music to record labels we also wanted to help you out if you are thinking about releasing your own music. If you’ve been sending out your music and getting no responses then this may seem like a good idea, there are many albums that have seen success through self releasing but keep in mind doing it on your own will be a huge project and will cost a fair amount.

    Something we will look into closing in another blog is costing of making/recording your own music, without a label helping you out this cost will fall on you and it can quickly become very expensive. When it comes to distribution there is a few things you can do, a popular choice and an inexpensive one is to release it online. We’ve spoken a lot about releasing your music online on the blog so make sure you go over and read some of our online guides. If you want your music in shops then you will need a distribution deal of some sort, this can be difficult for someone tr

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  3. New Release: Chauvet Kinta FX

    Chauvet DJ has finally announced the release of their new Kinta FX, a compact 3-in-1 effect light suitable for any DJ.

    The Kinta FX combines laser, LED derby effect and SMD strobe, creating an impressive selection of colour beams, movement, pattern and strobing. This compact mulit-effect lighting unit features 7.5W red, green, blue and white LEDs, projecting down concise multi-colour beams, all as a result of the LED derby. These effects are then combined with an SMD strobe with 5W white LEDs and a dual-colour laser, thus creating hundreds of beams and eye catching chases.

    As a result of the units 3-in-1 displays, this new lighting unit from Chauvet DJ is well-suited to the mobile DJ, who require compact lighting with multipurpose effects. The unit can easily be incorporated into mobile light shows, as a single unit or multiple units power-linked together.

    To improve this new Chauvet DJ lighting unit, users can control the Kinta FX in a range of oper

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