1. Mixvibes Teases New RemixVideo

    The company Mixvibes who created the intuitive Remixlive Mac/PC/iOS/Android loop and pad-based music sketching software has teased a new product in their latest Youtube video.

    At first glance Remixvideo looks like it does the same thing for video clips as Remixlive did for audio. This allows users to mix video and audio samples in sync.

    The software will first be launched on MAC but then it will be available on other platforms including iOS and Android. Remixvideo supports Ableton Link and it can be synced with any compatible music software, and works as a standalone app as well as an AU/VST plugin for using with a digital audio workstation.

    The release date is the 9th February, but for now there's a teaser video you can watch below:

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  2. Mixvibes Introduces Remixlive For Android

    Mixvibes has announced that its Remixlive looping tool is now available on Android. Released earlier this year, Remixlive is a remix tool in which each pad is an instrument loop that allows users to import and edit samples on-the-fly, and it has an interface that makes is accessible to all.

    Equivalent to the iOS version, all the loops, sounds and FX that users trigger are synchronised with each other and users can record and edit their own samples.

    Easily accessible to novice and professional users alike, the app is a great tool for users to create ideas when they are away from their equipment or out and about with friends thanks to its fully functioning mixer and professional audio effects.

    Compatible for mobiles and tablets, Remixliive scales perfectly to your device as it is optimised for multiple screen sizes. It can also detect the BPM of your samples accurately thanks to its advanced algorithm. Users can also play seamlessly in sync with the master

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  3. Remixlive Arrives For PC

    Back in June Mixvibes released the Remixlive software for Mac and iOS, it has now recently launched it for PC and it is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Intel Core.

    With touchscreen compatibility, users can hit the pads on the touch screen to trigger samples in a similar way to that of hardware.

    With easier accessibility and reliability, the Remixlive is user friendly and an efficient piece of software

    Users can adjust and modify the BPM of individual samples and sync all factory and important samples to the master BPM. By playing a sample at its nominal BPM it allows Remixlive use it for 1-shot performances therefore using the application like a sampler. Users can even remove, double, or halve the BPM with new MIDI controls and crop samples manually resulting in a more accurate BPM.

    The PC version takes advantage of the Windows touch screen devices allowing the on-screen pads to be played in exactly the same way as on

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