rize festival

  1. Tips for Taking Kids to Music Festivals

    Becoming a parent doesn’t mean it has to be the end for festival goers and concert lovers, as long as you’re well prepared you and the kids can enjoy a weekend away for festival season. There are obvious concerns for parents who want to take their children to these events but as long as you’re informed and do not take anyone who may be vulnerable then you can still attend.

    You will also want to take other people and the artists into consideration, bring a crying toddler isn’t the best idea as it will ruin the show for others and distract the performer. If you do decide to bring along a younger child who may cause some disruption then you will need to be prepared to leave and possibly miss the show or other events. Ultimately with younger children I would advise you do not bring them along.

    As for the older kids there are so many amazing festivals which are dedicated to families so I would highly recommend you check those out. If you have a different event in mind the

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  2. Your Festival Survival Guide!

    If you’re an avid festival goer then you know exactly what you need to survive a weekend away at your favorite music festival but if it’s your first time then it can be pretty daunting to say the least. If you’re prepared then I assume you’ve already grabbed your tickets and you’re getting everything ready to set off.

    First things first, you need a ride. Getting to most festivals can be a whole other experience in itself, so be prepared. Most people prefer to drive themselves there, you have more space for your essentials and you can make pit stops whenever you want. But there are some things to remember; make sure you either print out a map or have a digital one to hand, the last thing you want is to get lost. Be prepared to sit in traffic, check before you leave and always remember to fill up on petrol!

    Don’t forget, if you want to do self drive but need a bigger vehicle then we have our own band van hire service at great prices, check out your option

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  3. New to 2018, RiZE music festival is set to replace V Fest!

    With festival line up announcements in full swing we are all picking our festival of choice to attend this year. We’ve already compiled a list of our favourites, however with the announcement of the new RiZE festival in place of V Festival which we were recently told would not longer be in action we figured we needed to talk about it.

     Although audiences have been told that its a ‘brand new festival’ and not a simple name change we can’t help but compare. Headliners such as Liam Gallagher and Stereophones have already been confirmed and with other performances including Years & Years, Rag’n’Bone Man, Bastille and James Bay amongst others, we're hoping RiZE will not disappoint those who were fans of V Festival.

     The event will take place over the same weekend in which V Festival was formerly held, August 17th and August 18th in Chelmsford. Although V Festival was also held in Staffordshire this is

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