The new Reloop RMX-60 is the same size as a Pioneer DJ mixer and is built to similar high standards, with its complete metal casing, high quality knobs and faders. The mixer is equipped with all the expected inputs and outputs, located round the back of the product. However, there is no FX send/return, but there are remote control sockets for autostart, to work in connection with other Reloop media players.

The top panel on the mixer features combi-socket inputs, top-mounted RCA and the easily switchable classic/kill Equaliser. Furthermore, there is a tone control feature for headphones, with split cue and 1/8” and 1/4” jack sockets.

In addition to the features listed above, the Reloop RMX-60 mixer has the standard per-channel LED Vus, crossfader (Innofader compatible), three-band EQ and an FX section, located up its right-hand side.

The USB socket located on the back of the mixer is for firmware updates etc and not somewhere to plug your c

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