1. Roland And Studio Electronics Announce SE-02 Analog Boutique Synth

    Roland has released the latest in its line of Boutique synths, an instrument designed in collaboration with US synth company Studio Electronics.

    Unlike previous models in Roland’s Boutique series, which offered compact reissues of classics such as the TB-303 and Jupiter-8 synths, the SE-02 is an original three-oscillator synth.

    The SE-02 is the first in a series that has been made alongside analogue manufacturer studio electronics, who are behind the revered MidiMini, SE-1, ATC-1, Omega 8, CODE 8, Boomstar, and Tonestar.

    This all-new analog synth contains real analog circuits, as opposed to the analog modelling technology found inside Roland’s earlier Boutiques and AIRA synths.

    As well as featuring a selection of controls on the front panel and a built-in step sequencer, the SE-02 has control voltage and gate inputs on the rear along with trigger in and out for connecting to other analog gear.

    A release date is yet to be confirmed.

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  2. Roland To Launch New Products Including Two Synthesizers

    Roland has recently announced it will be launching two new synthesizers alongside additions to its drum and guitar ranges this month.

    The ‘The Future. Redefined' launch will include two new synths as part of Roland’s next big product launch event, which sees new gear revealed every Friday for four weeks from the end of May.

    Four new drum/percussion products are expected to be launched at the beginning of next month and a launch date for two guitar and two pro-video products is expected to be announced shortly. June will also see a further four new guitar products.

    Roland hasn’t hinted as to what the new synthesizers will be, but the last time the company held a launch event similar to this, the company introduced new versions of the iconic TB-303 synth and TR-909 drum machine.

    The TB-03 and TR-0

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  3. Roland Releases Anthology 1990 Synth Based On The Vintage D-70

    Roland has announced a new software version of its D-70 synthesizer to its Roland Cloud service, Anthology 1990.

    Originally released in 1990, the D-70 was the successor to 1987’s D-50 and combined sample playback with digital synthesis.

    According to Roland, Anthology 1990 features “breathy flutes, luscious layered voices and big, beefy basses” and has an intuitive interface designed to make production easy. It has 64 synth patches, sampled from the original model.

    The  Roland Anthology 1990 Synth, which contains meticulous and sampled sounds from this decade. Warm basses , pads or even the typical Grand Pianos are of course included. Alongside this is has 4 velocity layers per note and supports multiple instruments per plug.

    Altogether 64 presets are present, which give users many sound possibilities of this virtual sound generator. Roland's typical&

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  4. Roland Aerophone AE-10 Digital Wind Instrument

    Introducing the Roland Aerophone AE-10, a new digital wind instrument that lets users play saxophone, flute, clarinet and also synths.

    The unique and latest innovation, the Aerophone AE-10, enables users to play a number of different sounds using a breath sensor that reacts similarly to an acoustic horn. This also lets users have control over advanced playing techniques such as vibrato and pitch.

    Along featuring digital replications of wind instruments, the Aerophone can play trumpet and violin. It has a layout that is similar to that of a traditional saxophone including octave keys in the left-hand side and performance keys on the right.  

    The saxophone features allows users to change the type of saxophone sound they want to suit their needs with a range that includes Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Baritone types. Alongside this but the full range feature enables users to automatically switch between the different saxophone types by key range.

    This di

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  5. Roland Announce New DJ-808 Serato DJ controller

    DJ software company Serato have joined forces with Roland to announce the first DJ controller, the DJ-808.

    The DJ-808 is a professional 4-channel controller that has built-in drum sequencing, external instrument connectivity, vocal processing and full Serato DJ integration.

    Features include RBG coloured performance pads, large 100mm pitch faders and dual deck mode which allows user to control two Serato DJ decks simultaneously and 24 bit audio fidelity. Alongside this it has two jog wheels with LED rings, channel curve switches, cross fader, input selection switches and 16 performance pads.

    The DJ-808 also has Roland VT voice transformer which has a variety of effects including pitch shifting and vocal key matching.

    The controller also has an integrated TR-S drum machine which has a selection of sounds from Roland drum machines including the 606, 707, 808 and 090 drum sounds in a 16-step sequencer. This enables user to program drum patterns while they

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