1. ROLI Expands With Its New Seaboard Block Keyboard

    ROLI has recently launched its new touch-responsive keyboard interface, the Seaboard Block. Affordably priced at £279, the Seaboard Block is a cheaper alternative to the acclaimed Seaboard GRAND and Seaboard RISE models which have been used by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Hans Zimmer.

    The Seaboard Block is a wireless 24-keywave, super-powered and portable. It can be connected with ROLI’s mobile app NOISE and it is also part of a new modular Block range from ROLI which features multiple pieces of hardware, which perform unique functions and can be connected to each other to build customisable and expandable sets.

    Magnetic connectors allow users to click their existing products into place and connect the multiple blocks. The Seaboard Block comes with over 200 free sounds along with the ROLI software. Alongside this, it is also compatible with laptops running digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live.

    Featuring a unique soft surface and a pre

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  2. ROLI's Seaboard Grand Hits The Big Screen

    La La Land has been highly praised by critics as a modern day musical. Bringing the world of Jazz to a new audience, the movie which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, has already received five BAFTAs, seven Golden Globes and is up for 14 Oscars.

    In the film, Gosling plays a jazz pianist who has dreams of opening his own club; he has received a lot of praise for his impressive piano skills musical ability.

    During the film the scene where Gosling’s character, Sebastian, performs on stage with John Legend has caught the attention of many musical fans – in particular, the part where he plays on a futuristic looking keyboard. With lots of people wondering “what is that thing and where can I get one?”, It wasn’t long until ROLI developers spoke out about how the keyboard had made its way onto the big screen and in what is considered to be the biggest film of the decade.   

     What the audience spotted in the film was the

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  3. Roli Launch New Software Blocks

    Earlier in the year the UK start-up launched its Seaboard RISE keyboard controller which is capable of detecting five dimensions of touch. But now ROLI has released its latest product for musicians called Blocks which is compatible with iOS.

    The new Blocks system is a series of controllers that includes three wireless devices, the illuminated touch Lightpad, which features a glowing surface that lets people create music through gestures, the Live block, which features controls for performance and the Loop block, which adds additional recording controls and allows users to produce in real time.

    Each block can connect to each other magnetically allowing users to create customised kits and purchase as many as they like to create large control surfaces. The concept suits any skill level and musical style, and users can build and play their instruments on the go.

    The Lightpad system allows users to create music by ta

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