1. Explore new ways to produce, write and perform music with the Akai sequencer!

    Gearooz are excited to present Akai’s new addition the MPC Touch. Created for Dj’s, musicians and artists alike Akai’s sequencer puts the power of creativity in your hands. With a range of uses for its touch screen this product is made to help you explore new ways to produce, write and perform music.

     Akai Professional, known for its high quality products such as keyboards, mixers and production equipment has manufactured this innovative new piece of hardware which allows you to create professional and detailed tracks at your fingertips, giving you everything you need to produce your best work.

     With 7 inch multi touch screen display you can pinch waveforms, draw midi events, adjust envelops, chop samples and even add effects, the sequence offers amazing creative potential all within a compact and portable unit. Ideal for anyone on the road or those worrying about transporting this unit from one gig to another, its small size and light wei

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  2. Limited Edition! Pioneer Gold Serato DJ Midi Controller.

    We have spoken a lot about the Pioneer range, most specifically their controllers. Now we are excited to introduce a limited edition gold version of the Serato DJ Midi Controller. The ultimate gift for a loved one for Christmas or maybe a treat to yourself this year. Not only is this a beautiful edition of the controller but the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 is one of the best quality controllers on the market. Building on the success of its predecessor but inherits two must have features from the top flight DDJ-SZ.

     Some of the amazing features include, Performance pads with multi coloured cue point LEDs and an on jog cue countdown. For more in-depth information, you can go back to our previous review of this controller. If you are interested in purchasing the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 head over to, if you have any questions check out our live chat where one of our gurus are always h

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  3. Take your creativity to the next level with the Pioneer Sampler and Step Sequencer!

    Take your creativity to another level with the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 sampler and step sequencer. Featuring an intuitive touch screen and layout, 16 powerful sampler engines and analogue filters. You can use it as a stand alone unit no need to take a laptop into the booth.

     With a large 7-inch full colour touch screen it puts you in total control. You can pick the track menu to see the full information about yours sounds and their parameters. This really is a stunning piece of equipment which will certainly transform your performance.

     You can create up to 256 patterns using the 16-step sequencer, making this the perfect tool for musical creativity. The multi-coloured buttons reflect the colours you’ve assigned each sound, not only convenient but looks amazing within your set up.  

    The large touch screen makes it easy to browse and load samples quickly, and allocate colours to them for a visual guide. Overall this is a beautiful product des

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