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  1. How To Get More Views On Your YouTube Videos

    Trying to get your videos noticed on Youtube can be a whole task in itself. You’ve got a great thumbnail, title and a bunch of tags but you still aren’t getting the views you want? We wanted to give you a few extra things you can do to help boast your channel. Obviously being an overnight success is rare so keep in mind that it may take a while for your channel to take off but as long as you are consistent and continue making quality content with these few additions you will see results.

    Take full advantage of the community as it will be the best way to gain views and subscribers. If you aren’t already makes sure you are subscribing and commenting on other videos similar to yours, getting to know people in the community who have the same passion for music as you. You’d be surprised at how many small channels are willing to support each other so just be genuine, kind and respectful and you will find that you will gain views simply for others within the community and the fans

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  2. How To: Utilise Space For Your Home Set Up.

    Not everyone can afford a studio, and not everyone has space for a large Dj booth. Sometimes we have to make do with the space we have in our homes. and with a large collection which you’ve spent time and money on I’m sure you want to make the most of it. However, you don’t need a large stage or studio to show off your kit, a small space within your home is enough.

     If you’re looking to build your own storage, then Ikea is a surprisingly handy store for Djs, as well as other general hardware stores. Their shelving units are a perfect starting point for your set up, whilst being affordable they are also quick to set up and very space efficient. You can add additional shelf’s for your speakers and devices and their units are a great way to display your vinyl’s.   

     Your standard desk is also a handy alternative, with some already having a second tier shelf for your speakers and laptop, as well as a pull out shelf

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  3. A Beginners Guide: Your First Set Up.

    Being a beginner in the world of Djs can be daunting, where do you start? What do you need to become a Dj? Well Gearooz are always happy to lend a helping hand. We have configured a list of essential items and pieces you need to get started. A good set up is key to a successful gig, preparation and organisation is just as important as having a passion for music.

     Of course these items may vary for different artists however these are the basics for a standard set up. A good piece of advice for beginners is to not overwhelm yourself with unnecessary equipment and software, learn the basics and build from there.

    Speakers and amplifiers are one the most important pieces of equipment, its great if you have a set of lighting fixtures, a large collection of music or the best controller but if no one can hear you then you won't progess very far. Make sure that PA is at the top of your list, Gearooz offer a variety of different

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  4. Upgrade your Truss Booth with the Equinox Starcloth!

    As a performer you’re always looking for new ways to capture a crowd, not only with your sound but with your set up. If you want to upgrade your staging the Equinox Starcloth is a great way to do it. The LED cloth can be placed on your Truss booth to light up centre stage and draw in your audience.

     Its also great for anyone who does not have the space for extra lighting fixtures yet still want to incorporate lighting into their performance, if you already have a Truss booth the cloth simply fits onto it taking up no space at all.

     The Starcloth features 48 quad colour 5050 LEDs, and comes supplied with an advanced DMX controller. The controller features solid colour selection coupled with pattern and speed control, allowing you to match the Starcloth to other lighting you may have.

     It folds nicely into a heavy duty carry bag making transport easy and safe, Ideal for those traveling from gig to gig. You can Pre-order the Starcloth now at

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  5. A Great Combo - The ADJ LED Par Can & Tube Lighting Package

    Gearooz are happy to present a great combo package including 2 Flat Par LED lights and two Tube Gel effect lights. This is the perfect bundle to enhance the feel and ambiance to any event. This package is ideal for parties, galleries or clubs and will light up a small room fantastically. These are particularly popular for walkways and runways as they are a great alternative to your regular floor lights.

     You can take your colour mixing to the next level with the American DJ Flat Par QA5X professional low profile LED fixture. The unit’s low profile, sideways power and DMX Ins/Outs and dual hanging brackets make this ideal for mobile DJs, permanent set ups and for inserting into truss or for up lighting.

     Are you looking to turn your DJ lighting par can from a standard wash light into an effect tube? Create stunning visuals for your performance with the ADJ Magna Tube Gel Wash Adaptor, this handy device will transform any show quickly and easily.  

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  6. In Stock Now! QTX festive self inflatable figures.

    With Christmas just around the corner our new QTX inflatables would be a fun festive addition to your shows. Get in the spirit of Christmas with the Santa self inflating light up decoration or maybe the colour beam snowman.

     With multiple designs and colour option these would be fantastic for parties and can even be set up outdoors if you wanted to create a whole light show display. An internal fan inflates each figure to up to 6ft ensuring your guests wouldn’t miss them even from a distance.

     No need to be worried about storage these fold away easily for compact storage until next year. All of our 5 cheery figures are at an affordable price and are an easy and hassle free decoration for the festive season.

     All of our designs are now in stock and can be delivered within a couple of days, ready for all your Christmas get togethers. Head over to 

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  7. How do I set up my DJ controller and decks?

    (1) - Pair of speakers linked to your MIDI controller through a RCA/XLR cable. (2) - iPad/Tablet/Laptop with software linked to your MIDI controller through a USB cable. (3). - A MIDI controller linked to your Tablet/Laptop (some of which can also be used as an analogue mixer). (4) - An additional MIDI effect/sampler unit to  alongside your MIDI controller connected to your Tablet/Laptop.

    DJ MIDI Controllers
    The analogue vs digital debate will rage on for years to come, but in terms of convenience and range of features MIDI controllers simply can't be beaten. With a lifetime's worth of music on your laptop's hard drive and a midi controller in your bag you can be certain that wherever there are speakers you can DJ at a moments notice.

    Why Use MIDI Controllers?
    MIDI controllers have become a piece of revolutionar
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