This year Shure is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the SM58 vocal microphone. Considered to be the world’s most popular microphone, the reliable and legendary SM58 has been available since the 1966 so Gearooz has put together some facts you may not know about the SM58.

The SM in SM58 stands for “Studio Microphone.” When Shure executives saw potential in the radio and television broadcast markets they decided to develop the SM microphone series. The SM57 (1965) and SM58 (1966) were based on the popular Unidyne III 545 (1959) used for public address systems. These new models were originally intended for broadcast studio use, eliminating the on-off switch and featuring a non reflective finish.

 Many radio and television stations weren’t excited about the new Shure SM microphones and with another competitor on the

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