1. A Guide to Different DJ Setups.

    Once upon a time DJ set ups were simple and easy, the only thing you really needed were turntables. Nowadays there are a variety of different set ups which can become overwhelming, with the addition of software for your laptop, CD decks, digital vinyl and apps amongst many other variations of equipment your choices are endless and for beginners you can get confused very easily.

    We have created guides on all sorts of equipment from DJ controllers for beginners to choosing the right microphone but before purchasing any equipment its important to know which setup you’re going for. We hope this guide on different DJ setups will help you make the right choice.

    We advise you to find out which setup best suits your needs. The price of equipment can become very expensive so its best to know exactly what you need to avoid spending money on unnecessary products.

    Let’s start with the

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  2. A Beginners Guide: Your First Set Up.

    Being a beginner in the world of Djs can be daunting, where do you start? What do you need to become a Dj? Well Gearooz are always happy to lend a helping hand. We have configured a list of essential items and pieces you need to get started. A good set up is key to a successful gig, preparation and organisation is just as important as having a passion for music.

     Of course these items may vary for different artists however these are the basics for a standard set up. A good piece of advice for beginners is to not overwhelm yourself with unnecessary equipment and software, learn the basics and build from there.

    Speakers and amplifiers are one the most important pieces of equipment, its great if you have a set of lighting fixtures, a large collection of music or the best controller but if no one can hear you then you won't progess very far. Make sure that PA is at the top of your list, Gearooz offer a variety of different

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  3. Serato Announce Sample Plugin For Producers

    DJ software specialists Serato have recently announced Serato Sample, a sampling plug-in that allows users to manipulate audio using hot cues.

    Designed to bring speed and ease to a DJs workflow including digital audio workstation (DAW) environments where sound quality is of the upmost importance.

    Serato Sample allows users to place up to 16 cue points in a track that you’ve loaded including songs, loops or samples. Users can then trigger cues in their DAW exactly how you would with Serato DJ. Alongside this, users can alter tempo and musical key giving users ultimate control over how audio is manipulated.

    The Serato Sample layout is very similar to those who are currently using Serato DJ and the platform features its signature coloured waveforms and cut point system.

    It supports Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro X and Maschine, and Serato have confirmed it will work alongside other DAWS.

    Users can sign up for a public beta and try it ou

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  4. What Is ILDA And How Can I Control My Laser With It?

    Since the rise in popularity of lasers in recent years, technology has had the chance to become more advanced and software has developed that allows a DJ to customise their shows.

    ILDA is an analogue cable that connects a compatible laser to the chosen ILDA software via an interface. It connects between a USB port and an ILDA input connector on your chosen laser projector and enables users to operate unique lasers designs.

    An ILDA interface is used in the laser industry the same way a 3/5PIN DMX interface is used but this allows the importation of custom graphics, text, and effects which is then developed into animation lasers.

    Users can have control of their shows; design their own logos and images to suit a certain event, or just to add visual excitement to a show.

    A laser can project onto any surface which

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