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  1. Signs that a Music Career is the Right Choice for you

    Deciding which career to pursue is difficult for many of us, the biggest part being that we don’t want to waste time on something if it isn’t the right choice. For some it’s not worth a second thought and they know exactly what they want to do but for those who are unsure it can be a disappointing cycle of job after job. Ultimately we can never really know until we give it a go but hopefully these tips will help you decide whether or not music is the one for you.

    Music is part of a creative industry and with any creative role it takes passion and a sense of connection to create something meaningful. Music needs to be more than just a catchy tune, it needs to draw you in and make you feel all kinds of emotions that can inspire you. We make music not only to express our own thoughts and memories but to allow our audience to do the same. If you want to write and produce music that will resonate with your listeners and have meaning then music may be the perfect career for you.

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  2. Roles within the Music Industry that are not Performance Based

    Performing isn’t for everyone and we’ve spoken a lot about other musical based roles within the industry that you can follow as a side job or instead of being a performer. We wanted to discuss this further and offer up some other ideas if you want to make music but not perform.

    The idea of performing in front of a crowd can give any introvert anxiety but you don’t have to give up music because of it. You are in every way a musician as the one on stage; you just have to find the right role for you.

    Creating music for advertising is a great way to release your music without performing. Writing for adverts is a part of marketing and promotion so it’s important to understand it’s not just about music but about managing consumers and how your music will draw audiences in to buy the product. Unfortunately writing music for advertising isn’t always a musician’s first choice; the general idea is to create a catchy tune for a product in order to sell it whilst generally stick

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  3. HH Electronics Speakers - Review

    HH Electronics is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of power amplifiers and sound equipment. Designed for musicians by their own team of experts using their own research, HH electronics make some of the highest quality speakers on the market amongst other technically advanced products.

    HH electronics are renowned for their innovative design and production; they continue to focus on future of technology whilst keeping with their roots by continuing to engineer their products in the UK. Their newest range offers amazing performance and the highest quality at the best prices.

    The Tessen-X series delivers high power in a compact, professional system. Whether you’re a mobile DJ or you perform from home this series allows for complete flexibility and high quality sound.

    The Tessen-X 1501 has the same extensive features as the rest of the rang

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  4. The Best Side Jobs for Aspiring Musicians

    For many pursing music as a full time career isn’t an option, most can’t afford to quit their 9-5 jobs and work for free until money starts coming in for their music career. But with a full time job it can be hard to find time to dedicate to your music, and it can quickly become very consuming. Something to consider would be a part time role, not everyone can afford to cut their monthly earnings in half but for some it can be done.

    If you’re willing to go part time in order to focus on your music there are a few different jobs you can do, some that will even benefit your music career. If you’re looking to switch roles try and take this opportunity to look for a job within the industry, something that will teach you skills and give you experience within an industry you hope to be a part of in the future.

    Something we’ve mentioned before is a teacher or tutor, it’s a popular route to go down for musicians and gives you the chance to continue to learn and practice whils

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  5. How to be a Sound Engineer

    Joining our other posts in our career series, today we will be going over the role of a Sound Engineer, what the role entails and how to get started. Although an important role within the industry it’s very much understated and not everyone understands their role. Chances are if you attend concerts and festivals regularly then you’ve already see the amazing work of some extremely talented engineers.

    In a nutshell sound engineers work on every technical aspect of sound and music production. Not limited to the music industry sound or audio engineers also work on sound within many different venues that project sound to an audience. Some typical areas that a sound engineer would be required include film, radio, theatres, sports, events and gaming amongst a variety of other areas.

    This is a great role for someone who loves controlling music but not necessarily wants to be an artist. Engineers combine their understanding of sound and acoustics to create quality sound for v

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  6. Music Industry Careers: How To Choose

    If you’re interested in joining the music industry the hardest part can be figuring out which path to take, there’s so many different areas within the business that it can be difficult to know which one is perfect for you. Hopefully with can help you narrow down your choices and find the ideal path to take. Once you’ve decided which one is the best fit make sure you look at our different how to guides to get you started in your chosen area.

    We’ve spoken a lot about being a freelance musician or DJ which we have many guides on; today we will be taking a deeper look into other industry careers.

    Firstly one of the most popular careers to take within the industry is within a record label; this could be starting your own or working for a label. The best thing about starting your own is your freedom to work with whoever you choose and you play a part in every aspect of making music, from choosing the artist to planning the marketing and to

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